Happy Halloween!!!

It’s Halloween, Charlie Brown! Yes, I will be watching It’s The Great Pumpkin.  But, in the meantime we are playing some Halloween music, and waiting for trick or treaters. And, well we best have some because there is way too much candy sitting in this house. And, well it can go without saying that I do […]

Today’s Adventure In The Kitchen

In the last 2 Bountiful Baskets we’ve gotten persimmons, and well even after the dog snatching a few, we still had several left. Unsure of even how one is supposed to eat a persimmon, yet what I could make with them, I headed on over to Pinterest, and promptly found a recipe. I actually found […]

Pool Time

I know what you’re thinking with a title like this, but I live in Wyoming people, and it’s the end of October. There is no pool for this girl, for many, many months to come. I’m talking about a completely different type of pool. It comes in the form of a table, or perhaps, I […]

Dog Shaming

The husband came home this afternoon, we are currently taking bets on how long he’ll be home for.  Once the husband came home, we ran out to do some errands, and have dinner.  We went to my favorite Mexican place, it was delicious as usual, and well I prepared for the meal that I was […]

Corn Maze

Today, m. Friend Rhonda, her son, Christopher, and I headed out to the local corn maze. It’s a beautiful day here in Wyoming, and thus making it a perfect day out at the maze. As we walked into the grounds they had concessions, places for photo ops, and a huge area just for the kids […]

Things I Love In My Kitchen

I will admit it, I’m a kitchen gadget freak.  I love to cook, any kind you name it, cooking, baking, grilling, and anything in between I love to do.  So, with this love of cooking anything, I am completely excited about kitchen gadgets.  If I see something new that I don’t have I need to […]

Things I Didn’t Know About My Town

I’ve lived here in Wyoming for nearly 2 years and well I see things that make me shake my head. 1) Street sweeper- we actually have well at least one here. I’ve seen in twice know, and one time was actually on my street. I’m pretty sure that the whole purpose of the thing is […]