One Proud Sister

Today was my little brother’s graduation from college, and I wish I could have been there. And, when it say little brother, he’s not so little I really should be saying younger. He’s got several inches on me and he also is 30, so yeah not so little. Of course to me he will always […]

It’s A French Onion Soup Kind Of Night

The temperature has dropped here in Wyoming and the snow fell yesterday. So, what better way to deal with the cold and snow, but to cook up a storm today. One of my all-time favorite soups is French Onion.  I love it, I of course make it gluten-free and vegetarian, but hey, it’s still delicious. […]

And The Results Are In

Last winter was the winter of bronchitis non-stop, and it’s looking like this winter will be the winter of respiratory infections. Joy! Guess, I’m glad I drug myself to QuickCare today.  Of course I have yet to get my meds because I use Walmart’s Pharmacy and apparently filling scripts was a difficult task for them […]

Ah I Love My Childhood Television

They don’t make shows like this anymore. I  could watch this for days. I think I may have on an occasion or two. But, then again who hasn’t. Boy Meets World Marathon can trump just about anything. How sad is this last one. This is what the world is coming too. A world of adults […]

Vitamin C Time

I woke up this morning feeling a bit congested and a sore throat. Ughhh! Not, how I wanted to start the day.  I should have known something was up. I’ve been completely exhausted and worn down the last few days.  As in I’ve had no energy and have not wanted to do anything. I feel […]