A Pattern Develops

It’s just really the beginning of the official start of winter, and well I’m already over it. Although, you do have to give me a little slack since I’ve been dealing with so-called winter weather since the last week in September. No matter, a pattern is quickly developing here in Wyoming, and I do not […]

‘Twas The Day After Christmas

And, this girl doesn’t have a single decoration to take down, or loads of wrapping paper to dispose of. I can say that I love decorating for holidays, but I hate the clean up of it. With, this year putting the house on the market, and the husband being away with work, it’s made the […]

My Favorite Holiday Tradition

It’s Christmas Eve, and in my life that means 24 hours of A Christmas Story.  I love this movie! “You’ll shoot your eye out!” “I want a Red Rider BB Gun” “I can’t put my arms down!” “I Triple Dog Dare You!” “Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring” “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine” “Fra-gi-le, it […]