According To An 8 Year Old

One of my friends from NY called me this afternoon to let me know she was driving in the car with her son who asked about me. As they were talking, he asked about the husband as well.  After talking about the husband and his job, he stated that I’m a basically a single woman. […]

A Classic

This post is just full of memes. I warn you know. I of course realized for certain after viewing these memes that the best lines are definitely from Bender.                  And, once again I’m reminded why I love the ’80’s. The Breakfast Club is still just as awesome as the first time.  And, now […]

Apparently, The Decision Has Been Made

My husband is a pilot. And, well for as long as I can remember has wanted a plane. He called me this morning and said I found a plane.  He sent me pictures of the thing and we talked about it, and well there are lots of things to consider.  And, somehow in about 10 […]

It Never Gets Old

Boys have a penis girls have a vagina ITS NOT A TUMOR My dad is a gynecologist he looks at vaginas all day long I’m not a policeman I’m a princess On second thought take the gun They’re like little terrorists What did it feel like to hit that son of a bitch? I really […]