Dog Shaming Part 2

Our dogs have been on a wrk roll lately. We are now dealing with them peeing on the carpet, and well when you have over 3,000 square feet of carpet, that is not a good mix.
The husband and I spent a large portion of the day cleaning up after them, and vacuuming so that we can be all set to steam clean first thing in the morning. The vacuum has been out of commission for a little over a week, because I sucked up something that I apparently shouldn’t have and clogged it. I was going a little antsy over not being able to vacuum, while I was waiting for the husband to come home and fix the thing. I tried to get it unclogged to no avail. Anyway, he came home, fixed the vacuum, and we’ve been sucking up dog hair and dirt ever since. Anyone else’s dogs leave enough hair behind to completely coat a new dog?
Now, to address this carpet issue. Our younger dog loves her crate and will run right in, the older dog, now that’s an entirely different story. She won’t go in, treats she’ll leave them there for days rather than risk getting locked in the crate. Oh and if we are lucky enough to get her in the crate we come home to a completely destroyed crate and an even more insane dog.
We have a rather large kitchen with eat in area that is a great place to keep the dogs. Only one problem finding a gate that was wide enough to close off the 4 foot opening to the hallway. That is no longer a problem after today. We found a 41″ high up to 52″ expandable gate. Well you guessed it we know own it. Nearly $100 later, but I will not be steam cleaning carpets nearly as much.
Oh and best part we get our eat in portion of the kitchen back, no more crates taking up the room.

Look at that space we’ve gotten back. Ok, don’t look to closely it needs a good mopping.

And, here’s the $100 gate, but hey it fits, and now the dogs are contained to strictly linoleum. It’s a lot easier to clean than deep pile carpet.

This is the other door from the kitchen into the dining room. We have a pocket door there, but also had this gate and well hopefully this will keep them from eating the pocket door.
Ahhhhh dogs you got to love them


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