Apparently Winter Will NEVER End

So we’ve had snow every day for the past I don’t even know, it’s probably only 3 days, but it seems like weeks now. I mean we’ve been getting snow since September. And, the worst part is we really did have wonderful weather for a while. I wish Mother Nature would make up her dang […]

I Found A New Obsession

I recently was introduced, and by recently I mean like yesterday to Munzee.  For those of you who don’t know what Munzee is, heck until yesterday I had never heard of it, it’s a scavenger hunt so to speak.  It’s a little like Geocaching, but there is no little box with something in it.  Munzee […]

Photo Explosion From The Black Hills

Cathedral Spires in Custer State Park.  The rock formations are pretty phenomenal.  I love looking at the different shapes and ways that the rocks have formed in the area.   Driving along Iron Mountain in Custer State Park there are 2 tunnels in which you can see  Mt Rushmore through.  Pretty cool and very good […]

Oh Dogs!

We just got home from picking up the dogs and now my kitchen looks like a crime scene. Bonnie has broken her tooth. She’ll be heading into see the vet on Tuesday for some dental work. These dogs. If they aren’t injuring me they are injuring themselves. Oh and how did she break her tooth. […]

And Today’s Adventures Sneak Peak

The husband and I woke up this morning and headed out of Deadwood into Lead, SD. In a Lead we checked out the Homestake Mine. We tried to check out the Black Hills Mining Museum but it was temporarily closed 😦 However, we did see some cool tools of the trade. I was completely bummed […]

A Little Sneak Peak of The Adventures So Far

Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD A Flintstones Resort sign me up. Too bad it’s still closed or the season. Buffalo Awesome rock formations. The Cathedral Spires Jewel Cave Crazy Horse Memorial Mt Rushmore complete with hike. Finally finishing the day off in Deadwood, SD and checking out Mt Moriah Cemetery. It’s been a fun, […]

Road Trippin’

The husband are making good use of his new job’s schedule and the nice weather we are experience in this part of the world. We decided that we hopefully will soon be moving back to the East Coast we better see all that we can see while we are here. We dropped the dogs off […]

I Ate Fish!!!

Yeah, check out the title. It probably doesn’t seen like a huge deal to most, but I haven’t eaten “meat” in about 16 years. So eating fish is a BIG deal. Why, did I eat fish after so long without eating any type of meat. Well, I’ve been working out like a maniac lately, and […]