A Little About Me

Well here’s a little about me.  I’ve spent the first 30 years of my living in the town where I grew up.  And, suddenly in July I found myself packing up and moving to VA to live with my boyfriend, who at the time was in the US Navy.  Which, was a bit scary I mean come on living with a boy YIKES!  The move to VA was only temporary as my boyfriend finished his tour with the US Navy and is now working in the “real world.”  We have now moved to Wyoming, which so far we are enjoying.

I’m a girl that loves to cook, and also has a pretty amazing boyfriend, who bought me the Kitchen Aid stand mixer to end all mixers.  I’m not sure if bought because I really wanted it or that he was planning on the never ending supply of cookies that could come from it.  Either way I have it.  I am recently gluten-free which I’m still adjusting to and am still slipping up with that from time to time, but with this new year starting I’m hoping to be completely gluten-free all the time.  So with this new way of life I’ve been exploring my love of cooking in new ways.

I have also developed a love of photography and try to study a little every day so that I can become better.  Which, I’m sure you will see some of my dabbling with this throughout future blogs.


3 thoughts on “A Little About Me

  1. Wow! You dated a sailor. That’s very nice. I used to be a sailor and the girls pretty much shunned us, particularly so in Norfolk. It’s a good thing he is in the real world now. In my own case I managed to snag a foreign bride in year 10 of my 26 years of Naval Service. Foreign leadies know bubkis about sailors. After I retired my youngest daughter then goes and marries a Navy SeaBee…go figure. Anyway , Mr. Bates (nee LT Bates) seems a decent sort…his campfire decorum was first class and his table manners were those of a gentleman…though he tends toward gasiness with cheap White Kastle burgers.

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