Seriously Have Had It With Dog Hair

I’ve had it with dog hair. It’s absolutely f*cking ridiculous in this house. I clean it up every day and every day there is so much of it.  If it wasn’t so dang hot outside my dogs would be living outdoors. However, it’s way too hot for them to be out for more than just […]

Bike Ride

The husband is going to be happy to see this post. I took the new bike out for a spin today.  We are really fortunate to live right next, and by right next to I mean basically out the front door, bike path. The bike path wanders into the state park that’s about a mile […]

Being Productive 

Today has been exceptionally productive. Which is a good thing since this past week I’ve been working and really haven’t been productive, so I made up for it today.  I got up made breakfast, and then proceeded to begin my productive day.  Deliver the overflowing car load of stuff for GoodWill ✔️ Laundry ✔️ Clean […]

Dog Hair

I love my dogs but, Holy Dog Hair.  I sweep every day and by the time I’m finished there is more.  We are 2/3 of the way through July shouldn’t they be done with this whole shedding thing.  I clean up enough dog hair every day to create a new dog.  Let’s just say hardwood […]