Gettin’ Springy With It

Since winter has pretty much said yeah I’m going to skip this year here in my neck of the woods, and well I’m really not too upset by this little development, well except for the continuous dog hair issue, but anyway I decided to go with a little bit on the springy side for my […]

Oscar Night

Are you ready for the Oscars? Are you attending an Oscar party? Watching at home with family, or even by yourself? I’ve got my bottle of wine chilled some tasty snacks some comfy clothes and my comfy spot all set to go.  I’m not sure who I’m hoping wins I just like seeing the clothes, […]

Binge Worthy

I said I wasn’t going to do it. But I did.  In my defense though it was after work.  And, they are only 25-30 minutes long.  I folded laundry during this time and even played fetch in the house with the dogs, which was a treat for them.  I haven’t completely finished the series, but […]

Good Day

I got a lot done today. Took care of things around the house that needed to be done, knocked all the errands off the list, of course I have a whole new list for tomorrow but such is life.  It was a really good day as I picked up my new business cards and am […]

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

February is quickly winding down. And, well to say this winter here in Virginia has been a bit of weird one is an understatement.  We’ve had all sorts of weather, but real winter weather has pretty much been absent. We have had a few cold days with temperatures in the 20’s which isn’t really all […]

How Do They Come Up With This Stuff

Today is:   So who am I to argue with that. Wine for dinner it is.  And, Monday is National Margarita Day, yup I’m signed up to participate in that too.  I’m not sure where or how they come up with these days, but hey I’m all for. It’s an approved day to sit at home […]