Dog Shaming

The husband came home this afternoon, we are currently taking bets on how long he’ll be home for.  Once the husband came home, we ran out to do some errands, and have dinner.  We went to my favorite Mexican place, it was delicious as usual, and well I prepared for the meal that I was about to consume by not eating all day.  So of course I may have eaten more than I should have, but I enjoyed every bite of my enchiladas and chips and queso.

We came home to find that the dogs had once again decided to raid the planter for wood chips.  We found wood chips chewed up all over the living room floor.  Needless to say those wood chips will be removed from the planter.

Our older dog has also taken to stealing fruit off the counter.  In the last week she has eaten a pomegranate, 2 persimmons, and 8 bananas.  Although, she was kind enough to leave the banana peels behind, strung from one end of the house to the other.  Now, I no longer have fruit on my counter, it sits on top of the fridge, microwave or wherever else the fruit thief dog can’t get it.

We also have been dealing with a lot of barking.  Pretty much if a piece of dust floats by, we have insane amounts of barking, and well if it’s an actual human that walks by, oh goodness.  I do an awful lot of saying that’s enough Bonnie!

Anyway these 2 pictures from are not my dogs, but fit the sentiment of their behavior of late to a tee.

Hope you’ve had a wonderful fall weekend.


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