Fun Sunday Night

Last night the husband and I headed out to Wasserhund Brewery for a friend’s release party he was having for his magazine. Southern Grit Magazine is all about food in the Hampton Roads area. It’s really pretty awesome.  And, I’m not just saying that because I know the guy who writes it. I have a whole list of places I need to go try out now and the writing style is the best. 

Anyway, a bunch of us snagged a table had some good food, good beer, and lots of laughs. 

As part of the release party there is always entertainment. Well last nights was AHHHHAZING!!!! The Pushers, an improve comedy group from the Push Comedy Club came out and did an improv set. I was laughing the entire time. They were great and I’ll definitely be checking out a show soon. 

After they finished up The Cemetery Boys performed some music they were really good and I never would of known about them if I hadn’t gone out to the even last night. 

I have video of both performances over on my Instagram, as I’ve yet to do anything about fixing this media storage issue. So if you Instagram head on over and follow checkmystyle26 and you can see a little clip from both The Pushers and The Cemetery Boys. 

I had lots of laughs with some great people and am definitely loving the group of girls that I’ve been hanging out with. Thank you Junior League and Kickball to introducing me to so many Tiffanys, and of course Hannah and Kenya. I mean we all can’t be named Tiffany. 


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