Heading Upstate

I’m heading upstate for the rest of my visit. Going to spend time with friends, family, and enjoying the carnival. Along with that I’ll be enjoying some fireworks extravaganza fun on the 4th. I can’t wait to see my daycare kids and spend some time with them. I can’t believe how big they are all […]

Saturday In The City

We got up early this morning and headed off for the island of Manhattan. We strolled around got some caffeine in our bodies via coffee, cappuccinos, and lattes. We stopped at a little shop for some food, and then made our way to the waterfront. A Circle Line Cruise was in on the agenda for […]

They say It’s Your Birthday

Today is my little big brother’s birthday! Last year we spent the day riding every roller coaster 6 Flags had to offer. Today was spent chilling out, we are hanging on the patio we had some noshes and drinking some adult beverages. Tomorrow we will be heading out for a Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan […]

Things I Love About NYC

I’m back in NY! And, with this visit I’m getting to do some of the things that I love. 1) Hey I’m in civilization – there are people, things to do, activities, businesses, and every type of food you could imagine. 2) I can get my eyebrows threaded – this may not sound like a […]