Today’s Adventure In The Kitchen

In the last 2 Bountiful Baskets we’ve gotten persimmons, and well even after the dog snatching a few, we still had several left. Unsure of even how one is supposed to eat a persimmon, yet what I could make with them, I headed on over to Pinterest, and promptly found a recipe.

I actually found a couple of recipes, but a lot of them involved bread, and well I’ve been making a lot of banana and apple bread. The husband voted for not bread, every time the man leaves the house I send him off with at least a loaf of bread. I decided to appease him, and went with the cookie recipe I found.

I made 2 batches, one gluten-free the other full of gluten.  These cookies are so easy to make I had both batches done within 30 minutes. The longest and messiest part is dealing with the persimmons. Being that I have no idea how one is supposed to eat them or get the pulp out, it was a messy site in my kitchen. I’m sure there is an easier way to get the pulp then how I went about it, but I just couldn’t be bothered researching it. Maybe next time.

You can check out the recipe here.

Now my gluten-free cookies came out flat, so I’ll have to play with them a bit, but they still taste good.



And, now check out these guys. They have lots of gluten goodness in them.

Persimmon Cookies

Persimmon Cookies

Don’t mind the mess under the racks it’s just the excess glazed ripping off. Once everything is set I’ll be packing these guys up and saving them until after dinner. Dessert in our household will be some fresh made Persimmon Cookies with Orange Glaze.



2 thoughts on “Today’s Adventure In The Kitchen

  1. mmm, persimmon cookies! That’s a good idea! I’ve only bought them twice. The first time they were really sour, so I’m guessing not ripe enough. It took me a while to buy them again, but finally bought some just the other day. Didn’t know what to do with them and ended up just eating them, skin and all…they were tasty! I’ll have to look at that persimmon cookie recipe next time I have some. Those cookies look delicious!

    • I had to taste one and I loved them have a nice spice to them from the cloves and then the added citrus flavor from the glaze. The husband loved them as well. I’ll definitely make these again when I have persimmons on hand.

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