I’ll Take That One

Got to have a nice lunch with my Sister-in-law today here in Dallas. As she is here on a working/visiting family trip. We went to Sweet Tomatoes and enjoyed delicious salad bar foods, potato bar, soups, and ice cream.  After that we headed out to Lewisville to look at the neighborhoods as she and my […]

United Airlines- How I Hate Thee

Flying to Dallas today. Before we even left the house for the airport one of my flights was already delayed. Awesome!  My first flight was on time actually we got in over 30 minutes early.  Which is a good thing since Newark airport is not exactly small when needing to change terminals. I flew into […]

You’re Making My Brain Hurt

I love my husband. I often refer to him as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, because well if you met him you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s a bit socially awkward at times and insanely smart. And, well I’m no dummy but where is brain goes sometimes I just don’t know.  How […]