Holiday Parade

Today was the annual Holiday Parade here in my neck of the woods Wyoming.  I had nothing else planned for this evening, so I got out the scarf, hat, mittens, warm sweater, and headed on downtown to catch the parade.  It was definitely not what I am used to or was expecting.  I’m used to […]

A Little Trip Into Vegan & Gluten-Free

I’ve been invited over to a friend’s house for Thanksgiving or I guess I should say Thanksgivukkah Dinner. and, best news I won’t be the only vegetarian present, I’ll be in the company of vegans as well as meat eaters. Now, of course I’m sure there will be a few dishes that I can eat, […]

It’s Almost Like Panera

I have a love affair with Panera Bread, unfortunately I can’t act on it. One, I’m not even sure where the closest one is, but I’m sure it involves a nearly 4.5 hour drive to reach it, and second I can’t eat gluten. Yeah, feel bad for me. Now, I could always go to Panera […]


We got some snow last night into this morning.  Not anywhere near what we got in the beginning October, it was only about 2 inches.  Now, my normal response to snow is ahhh it’ll melt.  It’s only 2 inches no reason to go out and shovel it, by tomorrow it will be gone.  However, know […]