2/3 Of The Way

We got up early this morning and headed out of Lincoln, Nebraska. There were Husker flags flying everywhere. Today was their first game. We drove 600+ miles again today. Most of the day was driving through Missouri. Which apparently they had a game today as well. Since probably 70% of the cars that passed us […]

You’re FIRED!!!!!

So, we’ve fired our second set of realtors tonight. Good thing we already had a new one lined up. And, this one comes recommended by people who also were having a hard time selling their home. And, just now while getting ice cream the guy working the drive-thru told us the same thing about her. […]

More Progress

We’ve made some progress today with packing and moving. We managed to get everything upstairs today, so now my dining room that looked like this yesterday: And, well now it looks like this: The bathroom is almost completely packed up. Medicine cabinet will be packed and after that it’s just the stuff we use every […]

No, There Wasn’t A Bomb Set Off

My house is looking pretty crazy right now. We’ve started moving furniture into 1 room so that it’s easier to get everything out into the truck when it comes. The kitchen is finished except for the last minute stuff that we are still using. The bathroom is partially packed, and I’ll finish that tomorrow. Along, […]