Just Another Sunday

It was a beautiful day here in my part of Wyoming.  Nice weather with warm temperatures and sunny  skies. We took advantage of the nice day and walked around downtown after having lunch, and then took our 2 crazy, energetic dogs to the park. Of course being that it was such a nice day, everyone was […]

Damn The Man

The husband is home, WHOOOOOO!  And, how are we as a married couple in our early 30’s spending our Saturday night.  Watching one of the best movies EVER. Here are some of the best quotes: “What’s with you today?”  “What’s with today, today?” “Happy Rex Manning Day” “Who glued these quarters down?”  “I did”  “What […]

Another Week Down

Ahhhh, we’ve reached Friday once again.  Another week survived, congratulations all.  This week has kinda been a Hodge Podge sort of week.  It started off fairly well, tried out a new workout, which was kicking my ass, literally, had a lot of fun at work, and then the stomach bug attacked, ughhhhh, the mom in law called, […]

Ballerinas Are Bad A$$

First let me say Ballerinas are BAD A$$!  Seriously, they are some strong girls.  WOW!  What, has brought this up you may ask.  Well it has to do with another workout I found on YouTube.  I know, I know I have way too much time on my hands, but hey it’s been working out in […]