Aquarium Day

I got to spend the day with one of the workd’s cutest one year old boy today. And, hey having a little one for the day means it’s perfectly acceptable for me to go to the aquarium. 

I haven’t been to the aquarium since I had come down to visit the husband before he was the husband. They had a new exhibit that has nothing to do with aquatic life, but I’ll get to that in a minute. 

Anyway it was a lot of fun. The seals were out and swimming around as you walk in and there was plenty to see. 

This was definitely a favorite of the munchkin and mine.  
Jellyfish both stinging and non-stinging  

 It’s an octopus 
Lion fish  


And, now let’s talk about that new exhibit or it’s probably not all that new but it was new to me. I’m not sure who was more excited about it the munchkin or myself. 





 Animatronic Dinosaurs!!!! WHAT!!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!! Yeah it was pretty amazing. And, the munchkin agreed with me there was a lot of WOWS being said. 

We finished up the day with a little Thanksgiving arts and crafts. 

So yeah it was a great day!!!

Black Friday Came Early

I came home today to find my front stoop filled with packages. At first I thought that the Amazon order that was put in that was supposed to be delivered to a friend’s house got screwed up and ended up at my house. However, that was not the case. 

These were sitting on my stoop: 

Black boxes from Afghanistan. Good thing Shellee was waiting at the house for me because the boxes were heavy and she got them in the house for me. It also helped that there were some items in said boxes that were for her. 

The boxes were filled with stoneware and by stoneware I mean stuff cut from serious rocks. 

Here’s an example of the rock/stone they work with to make this stuff. 

Needless to say my dining room table is currently covered with all of the items the husband sent home. I will need to do some serious re-arranging/re-organizing the hutch to make room for the new items. 

 How cool is this vase? It weighs about a ton but it looks cool. 

 Anyone care for some stone fruit? And, as you can see there are lots of other items wrapped up sitting on the table as well. And, ignore all of the index cards that’s real estate stuff. 

 Check out the mugs, and you can see some more boxes of stuff. 

 A full tea set. Which I am super excited about. It is really amazing.  
  Tea service for 6, anyone want to come over and have a tea party?
I’ll take pictures of all of the goods well except those items that are gifts. Those will have to wait to be seen. But, I don’t want to unpack any of it until it has a home to go to. 

I now have a full set of dishes. Plates, bowls, cups, tea set, and serving bowl.  It’s really cool and being that the husband and I aren’t really big fancy China people this is perfect for our special occasion dining ware, and it’s pretty unique. 

Stay tuned later this week for photos of the whole set. And, if you love it let me know, I know a guy who can get his hands on this stuff. 


And, We Now Return

Okay, I’ve been MIA for a while. Life has been crazy, but I think Life is pretty back to normal with a normal schedule for the most part. I mean the holidays are rapidly approaching, but that’s a normal occurrence every year. So, yeah life is somewhat back to normal. 

So here’s a little update as to what’s been going on the last few months that has made my posting sporadic. 

  • The broken ankle is healed so I’m back to wearing 2 shoes!!!!!!
  • Oh but now that I am no longer walking lopsided my back and hip need to be adjusted so I’ll be going to see the chiropractor to get that fixed. 
  • I have finished my night class. 
  • I was taking the real estate class so that I can become a realtor. 
  • I ran some study sessions for some classmates before the final exam as I understood the material and get real estate math.
  • I passed the final and signed up for the actual license exam. 
  • I passed that as well. 
  • All that is left is to find a broker to work with. I’m planning on doing that after the new year. I mean come on new year new job sounds good to me. 
  • My rental husband is off on his deployment so on Saturdays and Sundays the tv is no longer tuned into football. 
  • My actual husband is doing well and will be back after the holidays. So hey I get to celebrate the holidays twice!!!
  • My dogs are still as wild and crazy as ever. 
  • I’ve been doing lots of volunteer work with the Junior League. 
  • I’ve been the snack fairy for one of the Girls On The Run teams we are sponsoring this year. Which really doesn’t require much, all I do is drop off a healthy snack for the girls during their practice. I’ve been the snack fairy twice and will be doing it one more time before their big 5k run through the zoo. 
  • I also volunteered at a home for disabled children. We baked cupcakes with the kids and did some arts and crafts. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the kids and the time I spent there. I definitely want to go back. Oh and while we were there clowns popped in to see the children. It was great. 
  • I also have some social events coming up with the Junior League which should be a lot of fun. I am a bit bummed the husband won’t be home for it though as one of them is at a local craft beer house, and it’s right down the road from our house. I think that he’d really enjoy the food and beer. We will eventually have to check it out when he’s home I’m sure. 
  • I’m thinking about starting another endeavor, but I’ll give you more on that if I actually decide to do it. We shall see. Again something that wouldn’t be started until after the new year. 

So yeah, that’s a bit as to what’s been going on here. And, well today is a I’m going to curl up with my book, hot cup of tea, my blanket, and veg out since it is rainy, cold, and windy out. 

Hope you’ve all been well and enjoying the start of the holiday season. 


I walked in my house after the class and said Ughhhhh what did you get into dogs. 

My house smells like nasty dog. It’s one particular dog. I don’t know what ended up dead in my yard that she is rolling in but it’s nasty. 

I just went out in the yard to get the dogs again since I let them out before going to be bed and the entire backyard smells. Hmmmm I’ll be looking for what’s causing the smell in the morning. 

And, we don’t call the dog the Foul Beast for nothing because she is quite foul smelling. Depending on what time I get home from work tomorrow before needing to go out to my friend’s party the dogs will be getting some baths. 

Why dog do you need to get extra smelly when I’m busy. 

Things Are Good

I realized tonight that I have something going on every night this week. What!!! How did I get so busy and a full calendar of events. 

Monday night I attend the Board of Directors meeting of the Junior League. It was interesting to see and hear the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. Along with that it wasn’t held at its normal location but at a wine bar, as for the month of November the Junior League is partnering with them and getting some of the sale proceeds this month when you mention JLNVB. So if you live in the Hampton Roads area pop on over to Tinto Wine and grab a membership and be sure to mention us. 

Tuesday and Thursday nights is my regularly scheduled class which after this coming Tuesday will be finished. It’s been a long 8 weeks. I will be quite happy when it is finished. 

Tonight I had a job interview that went well and hopefully I’ll find out next week if I got the job or not. 

And, then Friday night I have a Jamberry party to go to. I’m thinking it will be quite fun, games, wine, and some snacks to munch on. And, oh yeah jams!!!

I’m looking at next week and I’m already seeing that it’s not going to be much quieter than this one. Eventually, things will quite down. And, well I can say I’m definitely not bored. 

Some Of This, Some Of That 

Today was a rainy crappy day. It rained all day oh wait it’s still raining. 

I did some stuff around the house caught up on some TiVo and then headed out to a Junior League meeting. 

I also did my nails today. 

Check that combo out. I love it. And now that the weather is cooler using darker tones is awesome. 

Did you all do this? I mean it’s fall back right. 

And how true is this: 

And, because this is just hilarious. 


Let’s Get Back To This…Kickball Has Ended

So, as I told you earlier this week last weekend and well this past week have been a bit of a whirlwind, where life has caught up to me and made things crazy. 

I worked a couple of days this week, had class, the emergency room visit, and well just plain life it’s made things crazy. 

Anyway, kickball wrapped up on Monday with our championship tournament. 

We had a rematch of the game the week before. Well I’m happy to report we had a much better outcome this round. 

We played 2 Legit and were able to show them the team we are. It was a really close game and a well played game by both teams. It was another cold night out on the field, but we made it work. 

The end result of the game was with All About The Base winning 2-1.  Whoooo redemption!!!!!

We finished up that game and moved on over to the other field to watch the #1&4 seed team finish out their game. As we would be taking on the winner. 

We ended up matched up against the #1 seed Jiminy Kickit. It was a good game, but we had some mistakes and just couldn’t get our offense going and ended up with a loss. 

We had a great season as more than half of us had never played kickball before. Well played since third grade Phys Ed class anyway. We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the season and have seen a lot of growth as individuals and as a team. I’m proud of our team. Way to go All About The Base. 

And, we’ve managed to hook Alex on the game. I think we have a new recruit for the fall season. 

I’m happy to have my Monday nights back but so bummed that’s it’s over. I’ll miss those crazy teammates of mine. Although, I’m planning on doing a party sometime in January/early February to get together and have a good time before the spring season starts up. 

Here’s hoping this week I can spend more time blogging and enjoying life. 

I Told You It Was Busy

Sorry, I’ve been MIA the last several days, but I warned that it was going to be a busy weekend and well the week has taken on a busy tone as well with lots of unexpected things popping up. 

A little recap of the weekend:

Saturday found me volunteering with the Junior League. I worked 2 shifts resulting in 6 hours of volunteer time. 

The Junior League hosted its second annual Scavenger Haunt on Saturday. It’s a scavenger hunt through an area of town where you went to local businesses to complete tasks and also had clues where you had to do activities, such as jump rope or hula hoop so many times. And, of course dressing up was strongly encouraged. 

All of the participants had a great time and were raving about the experience. It looked like a lot of fun. Next year I’m thinking I’m getting a team together and going to do the scavenger hunt.  

I sold raffle tickets and supervised the raffle buckets. You know we didn’t want any tampering of the raffle prizes. I enjoyed it a lot and it’s definitely an event that is like to work with. 

Saturday night I followed up my volunteer duties with the end of the season kickball party. 

Of course the husband is gone for work, the Phroggers were at a football game so it was just Aaron and I heading out for the party. It was pretty tame until the flip cup tournament started and well then the gloves came off. People were taking that seriously. Of course a free registration for the next season was up for grabs so I mean it was pretty serious. It was a good time. And, check out this cake made by Liza 

Pretty awesome. That kickball with the player on it is amazing. 

Sunday, I did the chores and errands I have to do on a weekly basis. Oh and the roommate arrived. 

One of the husband’s friends is using our guest room for a few weeks before he deploys. Cheaper and a bit more comfortable than staying in a hotel for 3 weeks. And, I’ve already hooked him on kickball and recruited him for next fall’s season. 

Monday was the kickball tournament to crown the champion, which I’ll recap in its own post soon. 

And, well last night ended with an unplanned trip to the ER. Well I mean I don’t think anyone plans on a trip to the ER, but I took a trip to the ER and the good news is all is good I’m not dead. 

So yeah it’s been a bit crazy and busy around here. Here’s hoping things slow down and life gets back to somewhat of a schedule. 

How’s your week been going?

Busy Weekend Ahead

It’s shaping up to be a busy, eventful weekend. 

Tomorrow I have a Junior League event where I’ll be working 6 hours to help with registration, set up, clean up, and after party fun. 

We are doing a Scavenger Haunt. It’s a scavenger hunt through part of town, where you also are encouraged to dress up as it’s the weekend before Halloween. The participants go through town following clues and collecting items, or taking pictures on their cell phones and submitting the found items. There’s all sorts of prizes up for grabs so it should be a lot of fun and I’m excited to see what it’ll be like. 

And, after the fun of Scavenger Haunt is done it’s off to our kickball league’s End of the Season Party!!!! Which should be a fun time to hang with some of my fellow kickballers. And, apparently there is going to be some prizes up for grabs at the party. I love prizes. 

Sunday, I’ll be getting a roommate for a few weeks. One of the husband’s friends will be staying here before he heads on out cruise. My dogs will love the fact that there is someone else to give them attention. 

Bring on the weekend!

Hope you have an enjoyable weekend. 

Parenting Genius

Have you seen this Instagram account yet?  This is absolute genius and absolute hilarity. This dad has got some creative genius going on. These are great excuse notes for being late. I love it. 

I mean check this one out:

Love it!!!!! 

And, his wife will even jump in with the notes: