Fun Sunday Night

Last night the husband and I headed out to Wasserhund Brewery for a friend’s release party he was having for his magazine. Southern Grit Magazine is all about food in the Hampton Roads area. It’s really pretty awesome.  And, I’m not just saying that because I know the guy who writes it. I have a whole list of places I need to go try out now and the writing style is the best. 

Anyway, a bunch of us snagged a table had some good food, good beer, and lots of laughs. 

As part of the release party there is always entertainment. Well last nights was AHHHHAZING!!!! The Pushers, an improve comedy group from the Push Comedy Club came out and did an improv set. I was laughing the entire time. They were great and I’ll definitely be checking out a show soon. 

After they finished up The Cemetery Boys performed some music they were really good and I never would of known about them if I hadn’t gone out to the even last night. 

I have video of both performances over on my Instagram, as I’ve yet to do anything about fixing this media storage issue. So if you Instagram head on over and follow checkmystyle26 and you can see a little clip from both The Pushers and The Cemetery Boys. 

I had lots of laughs with some great people and am definitely loving the group of girls that I’ve been hanging out with. Thank you Junior League and Kickball to introducing me to so many Tiffanys, and of course Hannah and Kenya. I mean we all can’t be named Tiffany. 


Expanding My Food Horizons

Last night the husband and I went out for dinner. We tried a Mediterranean restaurant last night. 

They had everything on the menu marked that was gluten free and anything on the menu that could be made gluten free. Yayyyyy!!!! Love that. 

We ordered a Mezze Platter that had 2 types of hummus, babaganush, falafel, grape leaves, and tabuleh salad, that the husband ate as I can’t have it and he loves it. The platter was for one but there was no way that I could of eaten that and then eaten a meal after. Glad we went with the platter for one. And, the best part they had gluten free pita!!!!

For dinner the husband had a beef schwarma platter and I had a chicken kabob platter. My platter included chicken kabobs, basmati rice that was seasoned to perfection, and grilled veggies. It was delicious. The husband loved his meal as well. 

There is another Mediterranean restaurant in the same plaza that we are going to try out and see which one we like best. 

I will say that Baladi Mediterranean Cafe is pretty tasty and gluten free friendly. 2 important things in my book. 

Happy Friday everyone. 

My Silly Dogs

Last night the husband and I had grilled blackened salmon for dinner. And, it was delicious in case you were wondering. 

Anyway, whenever we have salmon the dogs get a treat of the skin from the salmon as it’s not something we eat. 

So, last night I fed the dogs at the same time that we were sitting down for dinner so that they would leave us alone. Ha! Well joke was on me. 

Bonnie of course whenever there is any type of food around wolfs it down as if she’s never been fed. Yesterday in fact she got herself in trouble for snatching food off the table. I don’t know what she was thinking when she pulled that nonsense but she got herself a bit of timeout. Anyway she ate her meal in about 2.2 seconds and then laid down under the table waiting for any scraps we may be giving her. 

Heidi on the other hand was like I know you have good stuff up there that you are going to eventually share with me so I’m not going to eat my food I’m just going to lay here and watch you until you hand it over. And, that she did.

Once we were done with dinner the husband split up the salmon scraps between the two dogs. And, little Ms Heidi then went to town on her salmon and dinner. Bonnie ate her scraps and then once Heidi was finished with her food went over and licked Heidi’s bowl. Which is an every night occasion no matter what they are fed. 

Ahhhhh these dogs of mine. Can we say spoiled rotten. 

Anyone else have spoiled pets?

Dinner Party

Last night the husband and I headed over to one of my friends house that I met through Junior League for dinner. 

Her boyfriend has a magazine that reviews food and places to eat in Hampton Roads, so I guess it’s safe to say he’s a bit of a foodie. 

You can check out his magazine here. I am not a huge fan of food blogs/reviews because I’m usually bored out of my mind reading them, however, I love reading his articles and reviews. When I read his articles it’s like I’m sitting down just having a conversation. And, let’s just say 9 times out of 10 I laugh/chuckle at least once while reading the article. 

Anyway the foodie decided he was going to go all out and make Pho from scratch. So, we were some of the lucky few who got to try it out. And, I have to say it was an honor to be invited because it was good!!! He did a great job. I had never had Pho before, so the entire thing was an experience for me, and well for someone who has never had it before and isn’t always so adventurous on the food choices to say it was good means it was good. I am happy to say that I am getting more adventurous in different foods and trying out new things. 

So yeah Pho it was awesome!!! And, all I have to say is he doesn’t only find good food to eat around town but he can make some pretty amazing food in his own kitchen. 

And, if you live in the Hampton Roads area come on out Sunday night May 22 at 8pm at Wasserhund Brewery for the release party of the newest issue of Southern Grit Magazine. You can get yourself some beer, food, and a copy of the latest edition of the magazine. Oh and did I mention there will be some entertainment as well. The Pushers Comedy Group will be there. 

I went to the last release and had a great time so this one should be more of the same. 

A Big Thank You for inviting us to dinner it was awesome and we had a great time. Plus the husband loved getting to talk brewing beer with someone who is actually interested in it.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!! Half way through the week. 


Last night for dinner the husband and I had grilled salmon and salad. It was delicious. 

I really enjoyed it and we’ll the dogs really enjoyed the scraps.  I however, didn’t enjoy the dogs having the leftovers as one or perhaps both had had horrible gas. Like clear the room gas. At 6:30 am that is the last thing I want to be waking up too. Ughhhhh!

It’s a good thing I like them the spoiled little pooches they are.  

The dogs definitely get some treats from time to time and love it. Last week when we had roasted chicken they got tons of scraps, leftover rice yeah they got that too. And, of course if the husband is eating steak they get scraps from that as well. 

Of course no matter what we feed the little monsters they always act as if we are starving them to death, which is far from the case as the bill from the pet store will clearly show. 

Yesterday, I went and picked up more dog food and treats for them as we were on our last bag of food and the treats supply was dangerously low. So a restocking trip was a must. 

I even picked up a big bone for each of them for when the husband heads back out on the road in about a month. They get a bit bent when he leaves. So, I’m not above bribery. 

Anyway here’s to the dogs and any other pets you may have and love. 

Pirate Golf

The husband and I headed to the oceanfront or as we like to refer to it further down the road and with more people last night. 

We had dinner at Abbey Road which is a Beatles themed pub. I like going there because they have tons of gluten free options which means I can eat!!!! Yay!!!! 

The place was busy but not that busy and you could tell that they were trying to get their staff up to par as the busy time is quickly approaching. It was a bit of a wait for a table when they had several open tables and even after getting sat it was still a wait. Hopefully they work the kinks out quickly. 

We won’t be back not because of the service or anything like that but because well we live here and summer means lots of people and we can eat there anytime so we will not fight the summer crowds. We will wait till after Labor Day to go back. 

After dinner we walked across the street to Pirate Golf. Yeah, that’s right Pirate Golf. The husband and o grabbed some putters and went to work on the course.  

We were tied at the 10th hole when old Mother Nature decided to play a trick on us. A thunderstorm rolled through. Awesome!!! Standing in the open holding a metal object. Yeah, not the best idea. We waited it out for a little while but decided to just call it as the place was busy and it was going to be a whole lot of chaos once the storm passed. 

It was a tie. No winner, we will have to have a rematch soon. 

I love a game of mini golf here’s to another round soon. 

Weekend Is Here

Ahhhhh Friday!!!! 

I’ve got a somewhat busy weekend planned. The husband will be off doing Navy stuff and I’ve got a couple of obligations to take part in on Saturday. 

First things first I have a Civic League Board Meeting, my first one as president. Not sure how I ended up with this job but I’ve got it. We have a lot of things to discuss and work on to make the League something that is useful and people actually participate in. And, of course get ready for the new League year.

The afternoon I’m going to try to get over to Union Mission as they are doing the dedication of the new women’s shelter, in which the Junior League has partnered with. We’ve been working in their soup kitchen and also my class did a project where we decorated 2 of the rooms. 

And, of course this weekend is the annual Pirate Beach Party, which I’m going to try to convince the husband to go partake in for a little while. I mean it’s pirates, a party, and at the beach, how can it not be fun. 

I’ve also managed to talk him into going on a Pirate Booze Cruise. Now to just find a time when he’s:

  1. Home
  2. Not working
  3. I’m not working or volunteering 
  4. Nice weather

Really the hardest one of those things may be the weather as it’s been raining or threatening to rain for what seems like weeks. 

And, that’s all just the fun for Saturday. I actually don’t have any real plans for Sunday. Well except for grocery shopping and maybe heading out to some open houses to preview some homes and neighborhoods. 

What’s your weekend looking like? Any fun plans?

A Little Of This A Little Of That

A few days ago I had talked about how the husband was removing glass panes from our French door to put in a doogie door so that the dogs could get from the house to the sunroom to the backyard without leaving the French doors open. 

Well, he completed the door the same day construction started and I want to say it was a success!!!

No glass was broken, the dog door has been installed and is reinforced because well my dogs like to tear through the door like a bat out of he77. They are lunatics my dogs they are. 

So, now we finally have a home after 5 years of multiple houses and no way to put a simple dog door in we now have it all set up. Whooooo!  Small victories. The dogs love being able to go in and out on their own and we love it as well. I can’t tell you how many times a day we’d let them in and out of the house. 

So, thumbs up to my handy dandy husband who saved us hundreds of dollars on a custom built door, by custom building his own. It’s really a good thing to have a handy husband. And, lucky for me mine is super handy on lots of areas. Home repairs ✔️ auto repairs✔️ being able to make my ideas work✔️ cleaning up after himself – well okay 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad. We will continue to train for that last one. 

Here’s to a speedy Thursday and an even speedier Friday so we can get to an amazing weekend. 

Fun Times With The Munchkin

Today, I got to spend the day with one of my favorite little munchkins. Whenever, we spend the day together we do some sort of fun activity. Today, the weather once again wasn’t so wonderful. It’s overcast and misting with calls for potential thunderstorms. So, the zoo was out. And, let me tell you I’ve been jonesing to go to the zoo as there are some baby animals that were recently born that I’d love to see. 

However, rain and zoo visits don’t really mix well, so we went to Green Bean. Green Bean is this great little place that’s a little like Little Gym. The place is for children 6 and under has all sorts of wooden climbers for the kids to climb and slide on. They also have a music room where the kids can play with musical instruments to there hearts content. There is a stage with dress up clothes galore. A kitchen/home area, and another area with cars and trucks. They also have a desperate room that is for sensory play. Today’s sensory play was water beads. 

When we got there the munchkin was a little unsure of what to make of the place, but quickly started to play, climb, and make some new friends. The place was crazy. There were tons of kids there today, and they were all having a great time. The little munchkin played hard for 2 hours, and then we headed out to grab some lunch and a nap. 

Lunch was a hit as I knew the munchkin was going to crash hard and fast we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch as it was only 2 minutes away. Chicken nuggets and fries are always a hit. The munchkin chewed down and drank a ton as you work up an appetite and thirst playing. The car ride home found the munchkin sound asleep of course when we came into the house the dogs wanted to say hello and so well we are still trying for that nap as we only had about a 7 minute nap. There is no sleeping going on but there is some cuddling on the couch and movie watching going on. I’m holding out hope for spontaneous sleep to happen. 

They also do some really fun theme parties like glow parties, New Year’s Eve, bubble, and whatever else they come up with. It’s a great place and the cost really can’t be beat. $8 for the day. Not, that we are spending 6 hours there I mean we will get hungry and need a nap. Heck even an hour spent there is worth the $8 the kids have so much fun. 

The other thing I have to say about Green Bean is that the staff is amazing. They are continuously putting the toys back in their respective areas, engaging with the kids, and cleaning. You’d think with so many kids running around that the place would be a bit dirty, but it isn’t at all. The staff is on top of keeping the place clean and presentable. 

This is such a great place and great for young children and their development. Definitely a place I recommend to anyone with young children in the Hampton Roads area. 

Green Bean was a success!!!! Now, if the weather would cooperate maybe I’ll get to go to the zoo and see the baby animals.