The husband is back in Texas for work, and I’ve come along for a week to spend some time with him. I mean I do actually like him and so spending time with him from time to time is nice. 

Anyway, we are currently in Greenville, TX and well there isn’t a whole heck of a lot going on here. We will be heading to Dallas tomorrow for the next 2 weeks. Well 2 weeks for him a week for me before I head back home.

So, we ran out to grab a quick lunch and decided on Whataburger. My husband for whatever reason is obsessed with their ketchup, yeah me not so much. It tastes like ketchup. Nothing so special about it, but hey to each their own. Anyway, the place was packed as in no parking, so we ran through the drive-thru placed our order, paid, and headed back to the hotel. 

The husband ordered a double bacon cheeseburger I ordered a grilled whatachicken sandwich minus the bun. Well that’s what we ordered, however that isn’t even close to what we got. We got 2 double cheeseburgers. I mean at least they got most of a part of an order right, I guess. Needless to say I am now hungry as I had no lunch and am majorly disappointed in Whataburger. But, hey the husband got his ketchup. Which, he throughly enjoyed I might add. 

I’m not sure there will be a next time for Whataburger to redeem themselves anytime soon either. As we don’t have them in Hampton Roads and well I’m not a hamburger eating type of girl. Hence the reason for the chicken I was trying to eat. Oh well it’s not like I need to be eating fast food anyway. 

Happy Sunday!

United Airlines- How I Hate Thee

Flying to Dallas today. Before we even left the house for the airport one of my flights was already delayed. Awesome! 

My first flight was on time actually we got in over 30 minutes early. 

Which is a good thing since Newark airport is not exactly small when needing to change terminals. I flew into A and will be flying out of C. Well that is of course if they stop pushing my flight back. You guessed it arrived at the gate and after about 30 minutes they announced we were delayed an additional 30 minutes. Awesome!

Love you Inited- NOT!

There is a reason that I avoid flying United at all costs and well this is it. Every time without fail I fly United I am delayed, cancelled, and/or stranded somewhere. It’s wonderful fun. 

We’ve made it almost an hour without any further delays so here’s hoping my flight will take off when it’s new scheduled time is. Fingers crossed. 

You’re Making My Brain Hurt

I love my husband. I often refer to him as Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, because well if you met him you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. He’s a bit socially awkward at times and insanely smart. And, well I’m no dummy but where is brain goes sometimes I just don’t know. 

How do you may ask, well let me tell you a little story. The other night it’s after 11 we are laying in bed I’m almost asleep and all of a sudden I get asked this question. I don’t remember the entirety of the question just parts of it, which I will get to in a second. He asked this question, and my first response was WHAT? And, this was quickly followed up by I’m not even sure of what you just said. He then repeated the question, in which I then replied, why are we asking this or even thinking about this? 

The question started off with if you had a Mole of moles, and then there was a whole lot more about gravitational pull and I don’t even know what. I’m not even sure I could fully comprehend this question fully alert yet alone half asleep. And, again why are you thinking about this? 

As he continued to discuss this I finally had to turn to him and tell him that his brain was hurting my brain. No joke my brain is physically starting to hurt right now. 

I mean really who comes up with this stuff and decided that it’s amazing bedtime conversation. My husband that’s who. 

Here’s hoping tonight’s conversation doesn’t hurt my brain. 

I love you husband. 

He’s Home

Picked the husband up from the airport this afternoon. He’s home for a few days and then back on the road. 

We met up with friends for dinner and had a great time had some laughs and learned all about Little Rock Arkansas and the Gay Bar. Apparently, it’s the place to go Saturday nights after midnight. So if you’re in Little Rock on a Saturday night go check it out. 

And, well the dogs are super happy the husband is home. They went BatSh*t Crazy when they saw him. They definitely ran several laps around the yard with their excitement that he’s home. 

I’m pretty excited to see him too. 


Saturday, I headed out to see Ringling Bros Circus Extreme with my friend and one of her daughters. It was a lot of fun. I’m not sure who had more fun the 6 year old or us adults. 

We should up plenty early so that we could take part in the Circus Pre-Show. An hour before the show they have all sorts of activities going on that you can participate in. From jump roping, tight rope walking, BMX bike tricks, to interacting with the clowns. We also got to see some of the animals and even watch an elephant paint a picture. It was a lot of fun. 



Then it was time to make our way to our seats and enjoy the show. It was quite the show lots of acts and definite entertainment. 



Opening number is never complete without the clowns. 

The RingMaster 


And, now for the show:







 You can check out a little video of the Human Canonball here.

Color Me Rad

Did the Color Me Ead 5K today with great friends. Ankle, knee, hip, and back be damned. I finished it. Good thing it’s chiropractor tomorrow and physical therapy the rest of the week I need it. 



Before the color fun began. 

And, now for the afters:



Oh did I mention my teeth were orange, a spot on my arm is still purplish-blue and I’ve been blowing all sorts of wonderful colors out of my nose. Yeah, it was awesome. Can’t wait to do it again.