I’m Becoming More Convinced Every Second

At every turn I’m becoming more and more convinced the people that owned this house were A) complete morons and B) complete slobs. 

The kitchen is taking way longer than I had planned, as every time I open a cabinet I’m met with a surprise. It’s a wonder these people are still alive and not dead from some food borne illness or nasty infection. Ughhhhh. I’ve found open food from like 2003 in lower cabinets and let’s not even get into the cobwebs and spider eggs everywhere. Yeah, I’m not impressed. 

So before I can put anything in the cabinets I need to vacuum them out and clean them. And, well the way they are built is absolutely ridiculous. I mean really when you don’t separate them at all things get lost in them. Hence the opened food from 2003 I’m sure. Cabinets with narrow openings great how in the heck am I supposed to fit anything in there? 

Sorry husband, but when you get home we will be doing some major construction on these disastrous cabinets. 

I mean how could you live in this house since 1997 and not fix these black holes you called cabinets?

I definitely need a Lazy Susan in the corner because otherwise it’s a lost cause. Along with that I need slide out racks in all of the cabinets because they are super deep and again you’ll lose stuff in them if you don’t. And, we will be making some new doors for one particular section so that I can actually fit things in said cabinet. 

I am making progress though I can see actual counter top and have emptied boxes and all of the bags of this contents so now it’s just onto the totes. It’ll be done being unpacked tomorrow and then I’ll do a cleaning of the counters and floors since they’ve taken a beating since moving in. I’m hoping to get some thugs hung on the walls as well and hopefully by tomorrow evening I can say I have a room completely done and home worthy. 

All I have to say is I’m really thankful that the husband is super handy and can do home improvement projects because the poor man is going to have quite the list when he gets home. 

Kickin Up The Dust Tour

Thursday night some friends and I headed out to see a concert. It was Luke Bryan’s Kickin Up The Dust Tour with Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser. 

The concert was held at an outdoor venue and well the weather wasn’t looking to promising to begin with. 

We made it to the venue as the gates opened and we made our way into the venue to grab our seats on the lawn. The rain had stopped but there was a serious light show going on with the lightening that was lighting up the sky. However, by the time the concert started the sky had cleared up and the temperature was tolerable. 

Dustin Lynch started the concert off and started getting the crowd fired up. 


After Dustin Lynch wrapped up his set Randy Houser took the stage, and well the crowd got even more fired up. 


Then it was time for the main event, and well let me tel you the place went BANANAS!!!!


 Yeah, the crowd was insane. Did I mention this concert sold out in 15 minutes so they added a second show which also sold out.  

I couldn’t believe the amount of people and the energy of the place it was crazy. They have beer tents positioned throughout the lawn area you couldn’t even see them there were so many people. 



One of my favorite parts of the concert was when Dustin Lynch and Randy Houser took the stage with Luke Bryan.


One of the coolest parts of the concert was during the song Drink A Beer all of the lights were turned off and everyone had their cellphone lights on. It was a pretty awesome sight to see 20,000+ cellphones all lit up at once. 








 And, a little Country Girl Shake It For Me

It was a great concert and I can see why Luke Bryan is both The CMA and ACM Artist of the Year.

Organized Closet 

Today was the day I finished putting our Master Closet together. It took longer than I had thought, but it was well worth it. 

Instead of a mass of clothes, shoes, and handbags thrown into the closet it all has spaces, bins, and a place. Totally worth the time to make it this way, because well when you open the closet things aren’t falling down on top of you, if my closet is left open and someone walks in my room they won’t see pure chaos, and it just makes me feel better to know that it’s organized and things can be found easily. 

I employed a couple of organizational skills I’ve learned about. The first being I put everything on the hangers facing the same direction, which definitely helps the clothes rod to look clean. Second I hung everything up with the hangers backwards: 

This is used to see what you actually wear in your closet. When an item is worn the hanger will be turned the correct way, and when it comes time for me to move the warm weather clothes to the end of the closet and bring forth the cold weather clothes anything that is on a backwards hanger is pretty much going in the donation pile. I like the idea. I like decluttering my life and my closet. 

Also you may have noticed the hangers I’ve used in the closet. Seriously, these are amazing. If you’ve ever watched I believe it’s HSN you’ve probably seen Huggable Hangers. Well let me tell you they are worth every penny. This closet is smaller than the closet we had in the rental house and yet we have lots of space still left over in the closet. I am a believer these hangers really do work. 

Another item I am in love with and on the next trip we will probably be picking up some more is these storage boxes from IKEA.  

These particular boxes came with dividers to make 6 compartments. And all of those boxes have shoes in them. I have 4 of them filled with my shoes. Yeah let’s not discuss the amount of shoes I have lets just marvel in the fact that they are all neatly contained. And easily found. As I have 4 boxes, heels, flats, boots, and sneakers. The husband has 2 boxes filled with his shoes and boots. 

So here it is my clean, organized closet.  


He’s Off

The husband left today. The dogs are a bit bummed they were not impressed when I came home alone after dropping him off at the airport. 

I’ll miss him while he’s gone, but the house will be unpacked and organized and all ready for him when he gets back. So he’ll come back to a home instead of a disaster area that this house currently is. 

After dropping the husband off at the airport I made a quick stop at the store to pick up some organizing items for our closet and bathroom. Hoping that tomorrow our bedroom will be set up, well except for the shelves that are going up and whatever we will be hanging on the walls which I have yet to decide what that shall be. Also the bathroom should be set to go except for the shelves that will be going up as well. And, on a plus side if I get the master bedroom all set up clothes in dressers and closets the guest bedroom will be done as right now the bed is piled high with stacks of clothing. Plus the guest bedroom has the stuff hanging on the walls so it will be completely done. Whooooo a room done. Then it’ll be more of working on the office since that will start to be cleared out as I work on the master closet as all of our closet clothes are currently taking up residence in their. I will be able to get the books and bookshelf set up which will clear a lot of stuff out of the room. So, it’ll be coming along nicely. 

Now if only I can find a shower curtain for the main bathroom that I love. Hasn’t happened yet, but I’m on the lookout. 

By this time next week I’m hoping I’ll be posting pictures of the unpacked and set up house. And, then I’ll be able to enjoy living at the beach. Yay!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


Not that I have a before picture of our attached garage, but I’ll paint you a picture. The garage had a narrow little pathway to walk through because well we were running out of room to put stuff so it was just unload it into the garage so we can get the next load.

Yeah it was pretty much miserable to move in there. 

Now it’s nowhere near done being out completely together. I mean there are piles of laundry that need to be taken care of and several bags of household/cleaning supplies that need to be put away, but it is all in one little corner now. 

Today we were able to get all of the decorations moved to the attic along with all of the luggage that we rarely use, cases that are used for transporting “stuff”, and some other odds and ends that aren’t needed only on a rare occasion. So with the getting stuff into storage we were able to make the garage moveable. 

And, I even got my treadmill in, okay the husband moved it in, but it’s in the garage where I can get to it and use. So, hey today we’ve made huge progress just in the way the garage looks. 

Along with the garage getting done I managed to get all of the husband’s clothes sorted and into his dresser, along with a huge basket of stuff to be sent overseas with him. I also folded, sorted, and weeded out my clothes that go in the dresser. They are currently all stacked in piles on the guest room bed, and tomorrow will make it into my dresser. After that it’ll be the start of loading up the closet. 

I also assembled some storage pieces for our bathroom, and will start to be able to organize that as well. 

The husband worked on the duct work, a plumbing leak, the AC, and put up our new mailbox. 

So see it has been way productive here today. 

Here’s hoping tomorrow afternoon I can get all of our clothes put away. And, then I can move onto organizing the office, since right now the office is full of office stuff and clothes. 

Whoooooo I like progress. 

Civic League, BBQ, & New Wheels

It’s been a full day of activity here. Started the morning off with my neighborhood’s Civic League meeting. Learned some useful information and got a whole presentation on the new bridge they are building. 

That was followed up with a TJ Maxx stop where I spent very little, can’t say the same for my friend that was with me. But, hey her house has some new awesome looking stuff. 

After the shopping trip it was off to a BBQ with her since her husband went kayaking yesterday, forgot the sunscreen, and well I’m sure you can figure out what he looks like now. The BBQ was fun and we found out about another person who does Krav Maga and she does it right by our house. So, yeah I can’t wait to start that up again. 

And, the day ended with getting some new wheels to get around the new neighborhood. 

Yeah, that’s a pretty sweet Schwinn took it for a lap around the block. I might have to get a big ole basket for the front. We shall see. Plus, a major bonus when buying the bike we got the maintenance package which we can use on the husband’s bike to get his bike back into riding shape. So whoooooo!!! We’ll be a biking around the neighborhood kind of family. 

So yeah, busy Saturday and no I didn’t get a bit of unpacking done but hey it’ll happen.