A Classic

This post is just full of memes. I warn you know. I of course realized for certain after viewing these memes that the best lines are definitely from Bender. 



And, once again I’m reminded why I love the ’80’s. The Breakfast Club is still just as awesome as the first time. 

And, now for the next 2 well again completely and utterly true.  


And, after seeing this mock-up all I’m going to say is, Please don’t ever remake this movie and ruin one of my favorite movies. 

Please Learn To Drive

People in Hampton Roads need to learn what a directional is and how to use one. Along with this they need to learn how to accelerate. 

I love sitting at a green light and not move the entire length of the light because apparently people have forgotten how to accelerate when they have stopped at a light. 

Ahhhh Fresh Air

Its that kind of day where you can drive with the sunroof open and the windows down. I love those days. 

And, now that I’m home the doors are open and so are the windows. I love this fresh air. Spring is here, nice weather, and time spent outdoors. 

Apparently, The Decision Has Been Made

My husband is a pilot. And, well for as long as I can remember has wanted a plane. He called me this morning and said I found a plane. 

He sent me pictures of the thing and we talked about it, and well there are lots of things to consider. 

And, somehow in about 10 hours it went from discussing buying a plane to apparently, we are buying the damn plane. 

Let’s just say I won’t be flying in that flying tin can of a death trap. But, hey he’s got a project to keep him busy while he’s home. I told him he better increase his life insurance policy before he’s allowed to actually fly that thing. And, oh I need some new shoes and several stiff drinks over the next few days. 



And, this is apparently going to be a new toy for our household. 

It Never Gets Old

  • Boys have a penis girls have a vagina
  • My dad is a gynecologist he looks at vaginas all day long
  • I’m not a policeman I’m a princess
  • On second thought take the gun
  • They’re like little terrorists
  • What did it feel like to hit that son of a bitch?
  • I really appreciate your honesty. You happen to know someone that is not better than me?  -I don’t know that many people. 

Can you guess what movie I watched today. 

In case you need a hint:


Party Fit For A Princess

Today was a very special 1 year olds Birthday Party!!!

And, well her mom goes over the top for birthday parties. The theme was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Gold, pink, stars, and glitter were in abundance today and it looked great. 

The Birthday Girl was decked out in a onsie with a big 1 and stars. The outfit was completed with a gold and pink tutu with some matching gold shoes. She looked absolutely adorable. 

The tables were decked out in skirts and banners. The high chair was decorated as well. 



And, are you seeing the Birthday Girl’s cake! 

The party was wonderful and the Birthday Girl made out pretty well. Of course the party interfered with her nap schedule a little bit, but other than that she was entertaining the masses. 

Happy Birthday Ally!

Silly Doggies

It’s been raining on and off all day, and what do not just one, but both dogs want to do today. Yeah, you guessed it. They want to be outside in the rain and mud. Which, hey that’s fine but now my house smells like wet dog and there are a whole lot of muddy foot prints all over. 

Guess I’ll be mopping and using the tart burners today. 

And, apparently something is in one of the trees in the yard because Heidi has been sitting at the base of the tree watching the tree for quite some time. Here’s hoping it’s not roof rats. Roof Rats YIKES! 

On another note this is so completely true at our house, my husband found this and shared it with me this morning: