Put It Back Together

Today didn’t go as planned. I had a meeting that went way longer than I thought it would. But, ahhhh you have to roll with that type of thing. Of course it threw off the rest of my day. 

Oh and did I mention it feels like winter may have started to show up here. And, now of course I can’t get warm. 

Tomorrow’s plan is to finish putting the house back together, get some real estate stuff done and then of course watch some Super Bowl!!!!

We are going to head over to watch the game with friends. It will be a good time, we had fun last year. 

Go Not Peyton Manning!!! I guess that means I’m cheering for the Panthers. 

Ahhhhhh It’s Looking Good

Today was the day, the office has been completed. The furniture is all moved in, everything is put in its home, and the room is clutter-free. Ahhhhhh perfect working environment.  

The day became even better when the husband came home with my new kitchen faucet. Touch faucet oh how I’ve missed you. Of course nothing in this house could go as easy as planned. Let’s just say previous home owners Bob Villa they were not. I’m not even sure they could be called Tim The Toolman Taylor. 

I mean every little thing becomes a headache and a 3-4 time longer job than it should be. I mean these are the people that decided in order for the bathrooms’ outlets, yes plural in bathrooms, you have to have the light on in the hall bathroom. In the master bath and want to blow dry your hair go to the hall bathroom and turn the light on, or it isn’t going to happen for you. That has since been fixed since the husband has been home. Because Bob Villa my husband is. 

Anyway back to the faucet. It’s been quite the sh*tshow getting the faucet in and replacing the garbage disposal since he was already under the sink. Tomorrow some valves will be getting replaced as well. Seriously, some people shouldn’t be allowed to even touch yet alone use tools. 

But, hey my faucet looks pretty spiffy don’t you think.  

Tomorrow will be a work day for this girl and a meeting even thrown in. Time to get these new job ventures off the ground and running at capacity. 

Now it’s off to fold laundry and get the last of the stuff out of the guest room so that can go back to a guest room instead of the storage space of al the nonsense we pulled out of the office. 

The Holy Grail Has Been Found!!!

Seriously, who knew finding a file cabinet would be this difficult. I think we went to almost every office store in the area. 

Today, the husband finally found it. Whoooo!!!! So now, the office is up and running. We have everything we need now and almost everything is put back in, and new homes have been found for the things that need not be in there.  

I also attended a training with the Junior League tonight. It was great and I really enjoyed it. It was all about fundraising and how to go about seeking donations and sponsorships. It was super informative and I found that a lot of the ideas I can use in my real life jobs as well. It also helped that the 2 woman giving the presentation were a lot of fun and personable. 

And, finally check these babies out  

 Love how they came out. So cool. I’m ready for Valentine’s Day and also supporting the American Heart Association. 

You can get your own here.

And, if you’re loving the ring which I totally am you can find it by clicking here.

It’s Been A Day

We had quite a day. We went and tested out new mattresses as our current one is awful. We found one that we both can agree on. The husband likes sleeping on a board I’m a sleeping on a cloud type of person. We also now have a custom sized mattress. King width with Cali king length. And, a pillow topper for my half of the bed to make it more like a cloud and less like a board. 

After the great mattress search it was home to work on the office a bit more, the closet has been cleaned out, doors fixed, and shelf adjusted so that we can have hinge hanging in it. Now to just get a file cabinet. It’s like the Holy Grail trying to get one in this city apparently. 

Our night took an unexpected turn when our tenant called today that the house behind our rental had sold and they surveyed it and the flags were on our property. I made some calls and used my realtor knowledge to find out some info. We went over to the house and measured it out. We found it to be a little off but nothing like we thought. 

By the time this excitement was done it was 8pm and we were starving. We headed out to dinner with my fellow realtor and friend and her husband who is also a friend. We went to one dive bar that will be the spring season kickball bar, but they were closing down. We decided to go across the street. 

And, well it was an adventure we launched over the median. Oooppppsssss. We somehow wandered into an open mic night. Oh my, my poor ears can not unhear what we heard there. Oh man. But, of course it’s like a train wreck and I want to go back to see what talent waltzes in next week. It was definitely an experience. 

Then of course the night ended with us coming home to animal control at our house. Really!!!! A neighbor decided to call animal control on our dogs for barking. Really!!! Dogs bark and not anymore than any of the other dogs that live in the adjoining yards to ours. 

Animal control knocked on our door saw we weren’t home, parked down the street and observed our dogs behavior. Yes they bark when people walk by but then stop and lay down. I guess our lovely neighbor also told animal control that our dogs lay at the gate and are left out all the time no matter the weather. Uhmmmm no not the case. The husband told them they have a dog door to get into the house, and during the summer the dogs have a pool with a flipping water slide and sprinkler for cripes sakes. 

Seriously, people if you have a problem come knock on my door and tell me. And, you should be happy that my dogs bark when people are walking around the neighborhood with all of the car and home break-ins that have been occurring in the neighborhood they haven’t happened on our street. Because, let me tell you I’m going to know with my barking alert system. 

Here’s a picture of the little troublemakers  

 And, well that’s enough for one day. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a little less eventful. 

Oh Wait It’s February 1st I Got Confused

This was our day: 

 Yes that’s correct folks at 12 today it was 68 out. Did I mention it’s February 1st. Capris, tee, and flip flops are what I’m wearing today. It feels like spring outside. I love it, but am wondering how much we will pay for this beautiful weather. 

All of our landscaping is blooming, my poor dogs coats are all sorts of confused. To say they are shedding like crazy again is an understatement. 

We currently have every window and door in the house open enjoying the fresh warm breeze. 

Since it was such a nice day the husband climbed up on the roof and put in some diverters over the doors of the house. So now hopefully when it rains we won’t get completely drenched entering or exiting the house. The front door and both doors that we use off the sunroom have been fixed. Of course the only way to tell if they truly work is to wait and see when it rains. 

The husband is out in his garage/lab/workshop continuing to work on his brewing station. He’s like a kid at Christmas with all of the packages that have been arriving for this project. 

We also ran to the office supply store to pick up the things we needed. Oh my that turned into a giant cluster. Good grief how do you not know if you have something in stock. Go in the back and look on the shelf. All I want is a filing cabinet. Let’s just say our checkout took a good 30+minutes. 

Oh and well here’s the current situation here  

 Although, tomorrow the high is only supposed to be in the 50’s guess I’ll wear a sweater. 

Happy Monday


Today was spent working on putting the office back together. I made some headway on the thing. 

The bookshelf is now organized and looking good. I also have a designated shelf for travel agent and another for real estate books and information. After the bookshelf was completed it was onto the desk. 

I worked on putting all of the office supplies away in the various storage areas and setting up the desk for the best workable space. 

I organized space for each of my businesses and got things where I want them. 

I’m now working on finding homes for all of the things that have sort of just ended up in the room because they didn’t really have a place to go. Along with finding homes for everything I’m slimming things down. Which, basically means I’ll be making a trip to GoodWill shortly with a whole bunch of stuff that needs to get the heck out of my house. 

Of course I haven’t even tackled the closet in the office yet but that will be a chore but when I’m done it will be an organized marvel. 

After all of this I’ll have an actual office that I can be in and get work done. Whooooo! Finally!

Feels Good

I’m a member of the Junior League here in my little corner of the world. Well actually I’m a Provisional as in its my first year and I’m learning all about the league. 

Every year the Provisional class has an American Red Cross Blood Drive. Today was our blood drive and we did awesome.

We had a great turn out for the event and surpassed our goal by a lot.


This was only half way through the drive.

We had a goal of 90 and collected 126 units. Thanks to all who came out and donated. If you are able to donate please do so as they are in urgent need of blood right now. 

Along with the blood drive going on today our local civic league had a meeting in which I somehow have been nominated as president, not sure how that happened. Oh wait yes I do know how that happened. It’s called I thought you were my friend. It’s okay I haven’t been elected yet although currently in running unopposed. Although, if I do get elected there are definitely some things I’d like to do and change so what better way then to step up and do something about it. And, hey it’s not like I don’t have enough going on in my life what’s a little more. It’s good to get involved in the community, and this will be a big way to do it. 

I’m really starting to make a life for myself here. I’m finally getting settled and planning on stayin here for the long haul. I love that the husband and I are finally setting down roots. 


Lightening Flash Deal

I love Stella & Dot, so much in fact I became a stylist. I love them even more when they offer up awesome sales. 

Right now well until 9 pm PST so about 2 hours you can get the lightening collection at 50% off. Every piece of the collection is on sale for 50% off. That means you can pick up the ring or the stud earrings for just $9.50 each. What!!! Seriously it’s true, love them!!! 

The necklace is available for $24.50 and the hoops are on sale for $19.50. Great deals, and I’m sure once the stock is gone you won’t be able to get your hands on these items again. 

And, don’t forget Valentine’s Day is just around the corner of you place your order by February 8th you’ll have your items in time for the big day. 

I can’t tell you how much I love our engravable pieces for making a statement about important life moments. I have several. I have the cuff bracelet with the coordinates of the Eiffel Tower, which is where the husband proposed. I have a good bar necklace with our wedding date. I’ve also done this: 

 We don’t have any children as of now but when we do it’ll be so easy to add to the collection. 

What else can you put on our engravables, well the list is endless it’s only as limited as your imagination, but here are a few ideas: 


If you guys out there need some help/inspiration here’s a few more Valentine inspired ideas.   
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We Have A Office

Today the husband and I spent the day assembling the office. Last night we cleared all of the stuff out of the office so that we’d have room to work and place the furniture where it would now go.  

We started out the day assembling the desks, okay the husband assembled I handed him the screws, and other bits of hardware. 

It was all assembled by early afternoon, which worked out perfect as I had to leave for a work function. 

While I was at my function the husband moved the rest of the furniture back into the room and well it’s coming right along. 

Now of course comes the long process portion of this endeavor going through everything and putting it all away where it needs to go. Finding a home for all of the stuff. Hello next couple of days I know what I’ll be doing. 

The bookcase is going to be the bane of my existence. I’m going to be moving shelves around and finding the best way to put all of these books away. 

And then of course we have the process of putting all of the office supplies and my work nonsense away organized and in the best working order. 


New corner desk



And, you can see in the hall only some of the books that need to be organized and placed on the shelf. 


Spare bed/sometimes work station when the husband is around

Going to find some cool things to hang on the walls and an office we will have. 

I of course will be labeling everything as I can not work in chaos, hence the reason why I never worked in their because well the husband apparently can only work in chaos and so it’s been his space. Because, I’ll organize it and after 5 minutes of him being home it’s complete chaos again. It gives me anxiety. He’s been warned. The office is no longer a chaos zone it’s been declared chaos-free. 

Happy Thursday. 

That Yellow & Blue Store

Today, the husband and I dropped the dogs off and headed to Northern Virginia for a quick trip to the land of flat pack furniture, otherwise known as IKEA. 

We were on the hunt for furniture for my office. And, we were successful finally. We found a workspace with lots of storage and space. 2 things we need. Whoooo finally!!! So the next few days will definitely be taking everything out of the room so that we can build the furniture and start the organization process. I can’t wait because the room gives me anxiety to enter right now. It’s a complete disaster. And, well once it’s organized it will stay that way or the husband may lose a limb. 

And, then of course we entered the land of my downfall the Marketplace. Watch out bank account you’re about to take a hit. 

We didn’t do to terribly we picked up a bunch of organizational things for the office along with a ton of their kitchen towels for $0.79 you can’t go wrong, we also picked up some for our friends as they love them too. You’re welcome guys. Lots of other miscellaneous items that cost between $1-7 which quickly add up as you’re throwing things on the cart. However, we did make it out of IKEA way below what we would of paid at the local office stores for a workstation. 

So thank you IKEA you’ve saved us once again.