Strawberry Festival 

Today, I headed out to the Strawberry Festival that’s held here every year with some friends.

It was a great day the sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot and the company was spectacular.

The Festival is a little bit carnival, county fair, and street fair all rolled into one. It was my first time going and I had a lot of fun. Lots of stuff to see and check out. Lots of fun things for people of all ages to do. 

My friend’s six year old daughter even rode the mechanical bull. She did awesome I got some video of it but being that she’s not my child I won’t be sharing it here. But, she made the 8 second ride. Whoooooo!!!

Hope your weekend is shaping up nicely. 

It’s Here

This weekend marks the start of summer even though summer doesn’t officially begin until Mid June, but why wait that long when you can say it’s summer now. 

Beach days, BBQs, friends, family, nice weather, and fun. What more can you ask for. 

Enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend and stay safe. 

Dreary Day

Today was one of those days where it was overcast, damp, a bit of a chill, with rain off and on throughout the day. 

It was a perfect day to curl up with a great book a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet. 

Finishing off the day with a big bowl of soup to warm up the soul. 

Of course my dogs wanted to go outside during the torrential downpours. When the rain stopped they had no interest in going out. So guess I’ll be mopping up lots of dog prints tomorrow when the yard dries out. 

Oh The Possibilities 

I can’t eat fortune cookies, but I do love busting them open to read the fortunes. I mean they aren’t what they used to be, but some of them definitely have the potential to bring a smile to the face. And, of course if it just sucks you can always make it better by adding the ever so popular “in bed” after the fortune and well then it’s bound to have improved ten-fold. 

Anyway, here’s what was in the cookie I busted open today:

What!!!! I’m coming into my own power!!!! SWEET!!!! I wonder it could be. I’m thinking it over and well there are so many powers that would be so cool to have. Invisibility, teleportation, flying, seeing the future, super human strength, although I don’t really need that, my husband is already freakishly strong and well I’m not sure we need 2 people in this marriage with that type of ability, super speed, or maybe even x-Ray vision. I mean see there are way too many that are to cool to choose from. So, I’m just going to sit here wait for my power to come in and be surprised by whatever it is. Somehow, I think that fortune is not implying I’ll be coming into any type of super power, but you never know, and it’s kind of fun to think about. 

If you don’t hear from me for a while well than you know I’ve come into my power and I’m testing it out, you know making sure I’m ready to use it to save Metropolis or Gotham from evil doers when the time comes. I mean it could happen. 

The Pitch Was Perfect

A friend and I headed out for a little movie date this afternoon and it was great!!!!

Pitch Perfect 2 was filled with great quips and down right hilarity. 

Some memorable quotes:

All my teeth come from different people – Lily

I sleep upside down like a bat – Lily

You’re the most talented person I know, and I know 3 of the Wiggles -Fat Amy

I definitely enjoyed the movie. I think it was funnier than the first but I liked the singing in the first one better. 

Love me some Barden Bellas!

Ahhh Getting Back To Normal

I’ve finally put my living room back to rights. Thank you. I was starting to hyperventilate every time I looked at the tornado/bomb that had taken up residence in my house. 

The husband’s stuff from overseas has been somewhat organized and stored back in his crates, they are of course still in my living room, but at least now all of the stuff that was in them is not exploded all over the room and they are stacked against the wall. 

The laundry has been folded, put away, or placed in baskets getting ready to be re packed for my trip to Texas in a week or for the husband to take back overseas with him. I’m nearly caught up with laundry still have some linens to do and a delicate load. 

The jungle that was the yard has been mowed. It was a miserable experience for me as I was itchy, sneezing, eyes watering and swelling, and oh yeah and let’s not forget this:

  Yeah that’s a giant hive that has erupted into grossness. 
There are more hives but that is by far the worst of them. 

Dear Grass, I F’ing HATE YOU!!!!!

But, hey at least the house is back to normal. About time, and it should stay that way until the husband returns from Texas and well then all bets are off.