Love This Stuff

A couple weeks ago I was given a homemade peppermint bath scrub. I finally tried it out this past weekend, and well I’m hooked on the stuff. It’s amazing. I love the smell and what it does to my skin. My skin is definitely feeling pretty nice, smooth, and moisturized. It’s great. I may have […]

You’d Think A Blizzard Is Coming

So, the East Coast is getting a snow storm today into tomorrow. The last 3 winters I was out in Wyoming where it’d snow the wind would blow and it was cold as heck. Well, the cities, NY, Boston, DC are all freaking out. They are calling for feet of snow, which yes not good […]

A Sunday Morning

A friend of mine and I have been slacking about getting together now that I’m living back in the area. So, a date was made for today. The plan yoga at Smartmouth Brewery on Sunday morning. Now, I know what you’re thinking yoga at a brewery, right. Ha! I know I was thinking the same […]

New Year’s Resolutions

So, you know how everyone makes their resolutions every year and then either sick to them or by mid-February have completely forgotten about them. I usually don’t care what people decide to do if they make them, follow through with them, or don’t bother with the ritual at all. That is until your resolution messes […]

I Think The World Is Conspiring Against Me

Got up early this morning as both the husband and I had a doctor appointment to set up a primary care physician. We finally have one. It was actually a relatively quick visit he did a quick physical and by quick I mean I think I was with him for all of 10 minutes. He […]