Watch Out There’s A New Cutthroat Fan In Town

Last night I attended opening night at the ball field, and well I had a blast. It’s no major leagues, it’s not the minors, it’s a bunch of college kids playing ball. I had never been to the ball field where the games were played so I had no flipping clue where I was going […]

Memorial Day

Today is a Memorial Day.  Typically this whole weekend is celebrated as the kick off to the summer season.  However, what today is really about it remembering all of those who gave their lives for our freedom.  They gave everything so that we can be with our friends and family while BBQing, and enjoying each […]


On my Yahoo News Feed this morning there was a story about people protesting at McDonalds’ Headquarters. They are upset about the low wages they pay. Okay, I get it things are expensive and cost money, but I don’t really think working at a fast food joint is worth anymore than minimum wage. A job […]