A Little Rant Because I Can

Drivers here can’t handle percipitation. I mean if anything falls from the sky apparently every person here suddenly forgets how to drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, sleet, hail, or snow the drivers here freak the flip out. It’s not that bad people just keep driving.  The traffic lights here are ridiculous. Why? Well […]

I’m Ready

I did my New Years Eve nails today. I’m ready to bring in a New Year. I have lots of things that will be going on I. The New Year and I’m totally excited about it.  2016 is definitely going to be a crazy year and I’m hoping it’s amazing.  How about you any big […]

It’s Only The Best Night Of The Year

12/24 and you know what that means? If you’re thinking Its Christmas Eve, Santa comes, spending time with family, or a million different variations of the sort you’re right, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  Oh no my friends. Tonight at 8pm 24 hours of A Christmas Story starts. Yes all televisions in this […]

A Little Hard

It’s a little hard to be in a complete Christmas spirit mood when you’re living this:    And, tomorrow is supposed to be 80. I think I’ll be taking my sand chair, my book, and camera to the beach for Christmas Eve.  I really am not missing the cold, and by cold I mean bitter […]

Christmas Lights

Last week I told you about the neighborhood not far from mine that’s lit up with lights galore. Well tonight I headed back over with friends to show them.  We went to eat first and then drove on over to enjoy the lights and the kids loved the Minions!!!                 Pretty cool that […]