Living in Wyoming had some positives. And, well after tonight I’m going to say the lack of traffic is a definite plus. Holy Cannoli Batman! Traffic was insane tonight. The husband and I had gone to the gym, showered at the gym, and then headed out to meet up with a friend for dinner. Good […]

Vacation Is Over…How’d That Happen?

NY trip is over. I’m currently waiting at the airport waiting for my flight 😦 However, I will say I’m impressed with LGA’s new Terminal D. I no longer feel like I’m in a Third World nation. They recently redid it and I must say it’s a whole lot nicer then it used to be. […]

Let’s Talk More Crazy At The Rodeo

Yesterday, I talked about these bull riders and wow, how do you wake up wanting to be that. But, now let’s talk about the Rodeo Clown. Again, are you crazy. Because, at least when you’re riding on the bull your on it’s back, but these guys are just standing in front of the thing. Not […]

And, You Thought This Was A Good Idea, Why?

The College National Finals Rodeo is in town this week. According to all of the ads it’s the Rose Bowl of College Rodeos. I’ll take their word for it. I was here earlier this week and will be here for the next 3 days taking in all the craziness that is rodeo. Now, let’s talk […]

Watch Out There’s A New Cutthroat Fan In Town

Last night I attended opening night at the ball field, and well I had a blast. It’s no major leagues, it’s not the minors, it’s a bunch of college kids playing ball. I had never been to the ball field where the games were played so I had no flipping clue where I was going […]

Apparently Winter Will NEVER End

So we’ve had snow every day for the past I don’t even know, it’s probably only 3 days, but it seems like weeks now. I mean we’ve been getting snow since September. And, the worst part is we really did have wonderful weather for a while. I wish Mother Nature would make up her dang […]

Photo Explosion From The Black Hills

Cathedral Spires in Custer State Park.  The rock formations are pretty phenomenal.  I love looking at the different shapes and ways that the rocks have formed in the area.   Driving along Iron Mountain in Custer State Park there are 2 tunnels in which you can see  Mt Rushmore through.  Pretty cool and very good […]