Dinner Party

Last night the husband and I headed over to one of my friends house that I met through Junior League for dinner. 

Her boyfriend has a magazine that reviews food and places to eat in Hampton Roads, so I guess it’s safe to say he’s a bit of a foodie. 

You can check out his magazine here. I am not a huge fan of food blogs/reviews because I’m usually bored out of my mind reading them, however, I love reading his articles and reviews. When I read his articles it’s like I’m sitting down just having a conversation. And, let’s just say 9 times out of 10 I laugh/chuckle at least once while reading the article. 

Anyway the foodie decided he was going to go all out and make Pho from scratch. So, we were some of the lucky few who got to try it out. And, I have to say it was an honor to be invited because it was good!!! He did a great job. I had never had Pho before, so the entire thing was an experience for me, and well for someone who has never had it before and isn’t always so adventurous on the food choices to say it was good means it was good. I am happy to say that I am getting more adventurous in different foods and trying out new things. 

So yeah Pho it was awesome!!! And, all I have to say is he doesn’t only find good food to eat around town but he can make some pretty amazing food in his own kitchen. 

And, if you live in the Hampton Roads area come on out Sunday night May 22 at 8pm at Wasserhund Brewery for the release party of the newest issue of Southern Grit Magazine. You can get yourself some beer, food, and a copy of the latest edition of the magazine. Oh and did I mention there will be some entertainment as well. The Pushers Comedy Group will be there. 

I went to the last release and had a great time so this one should be more of the same. 

A Big Thank You for inviting us to dinner it was awesome and we had a great time. Plus the husband loved getting to talk brewing beer with someone who is actually interested in it.

Happy Hump Day everyone!!! Half way through the week. 


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