The Banana Hammock

The weekend has been a great one. Stayed out on Long Island at my cousins and got up this morning to have French stuffed croissants. It was delish. After eating breakfast we piled in the car and headed to Robert Moses State Park and took a stroll along the beach all while watching the waves […]

Happy Birthday Ryan

Today is my younger brother’s birthday. Today he turned the BIG 3-0. My baby brother is 30 man I feel old. Anyway, for his birthday I took him to 6 Flags. My brother and I have a love for Roller Coasters, unfortunately his fiancé does not. She’s out of town on a business trip so […]

I’ve Arrived!

The day has finally arrived, and I am here in NY.  I love it.  The hot weather is a bit oppressive since I haven’t really experienced humidity since last year’s visit home,  I even didn’t mind the traffic. And, with the start of the NY trip I have visits set up to see friends and […]