Last night for dinner the husband and I had grilled salmon and salad. It was delicious. 

I really enjoyed it and we’ll the dogs really enjoyed the scraps.  I however, didn’t enjoy the dogs having the leftovers as one or perhaps both had had horrible gas. Like clear the room gas. At 6:30 am that is the last thing I want to be waking up too. Ughhhhh!

It’s a good thing I like them the spoiled little pooches they are.  

The dogs definitely get some treats from time to time and love it. Last week when we had roasted chicken they got tons of scraps, leftover rice yeah they got that too. And, of course if the husband is eating steak they get scraps from that as well. 

Of course no matter what we feed the little monsters they always act as if we are starving them to death, which is far from the case as the bill from the pet store will clearly show. 

Yesterday, I went and picked up more dog food and treats for them as we were on our last bag of food and the treats supply was dangerously low. So a restocking trip was a must. 

I even picked up a big bone for each of them for when the husband heads back out on the road in about a month. They get a bit bent when he leaves. So, I’m not above bribery. 

Anyway here’s to the dogs and any other pets you may have and love. 


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