Bike Ride

The husband is going to be happy to see this post. I took the new bike out for a spin today.  We are really fortunate to live right next, and by right next to I mean basically out the front door, bike path. The bike path wanders into the state park that’s about a mile […]

So I Did This Last Night

Yesterday, I attended my normal Thursday night yoga class, which was a killer. Tuesday and Thursday yoga classes are power yoga classes and I work up quite the sweat and feel the burn of the class. However, it’s what I did after the yoga class that I have to tell you about. The yoga instructor, […]


I had a big can of pumpkin to use. And, well use it I’ve been doing. I have made Paleo pumpkin waffles, Paleo knock off copies of Starbucks pumpkin scones, and now some Paleo pumpkin muffins. Let’s just say it’s a good thing the husband and I bought the big huge freezer that we thought […]

I Ate Fish!!!

Yeah, check out the title. It probably doesn’t seen like a huge deal to most, but I haven’t eaten “meat” in about 16 years. So eating fish is a BIG deal. Why, did I eat fish after so long without eating any type of meat. Well, I’ve been working out like a maniac lately, and […]

Vitamin C Time

I woke up this morning feeling a bit congested and a sore throat. Ughhh! Not, how I wanted to start the day.  I should have known something was up. I’ve been completely exhausted and worn down the last few days.  As in I’ve had no energy and have not wanted to do anything. I feel […]

Bountiful Basket You Did It Again

I promise that every Saturday will not e about the Bountiful Basket, although it seems like it of late. I was going to post about something completely unrelated to food altogether, but then I got the basket. And, well this week I need help. First here’s a look at the fruit portion of the basket. […]

Mornings And I Are Not Friends

You could say that mornings and I have some issues. I’m pretty much useless in the mornings until about 10am. I don’t have any facts as to why I function better after 10, other than I just do. Well this morning I was being a nanny and have to be over to the house by […]

Look It’s The Great Pumpkin

It’s fall and you know what that means, PUMPKIN!  I love pumpkin, pumpkin pancakes, muffins, breads, chai, pie, you name it, I will most likely love it.  I love the fall when eating everything pumpkin is perfectly acceptable, I am not going to lie I eat pumpkin whenever the mood strikes me, but during the […]

A Little Yoga, A Bountiful Basket, And Scarecrows

September is National Yoga Month, and in celebration of that one of the Yoga Studios here in town is doing free classes on Saturday mornings. I decided what better time to try yoga out then with a free class. I mean the price can’t be beat. I showed up this morning not expecting many people […]