Mother Nature You’re A Bilpolar B*tch

Yesterday, the weather was wonderful. Sunny, warm, with temps in the high 70’s.  This morning I woke up to wind, rain, and temps in the low 40’s. Oh and later in the day even a snow flurry.  WTF? Mother Nature please start taking your meds again as you are out of control.  That is all.  […]

Ranting & Raving

Well today the blog is going to be true to its name. I’ll be doing a little ranting and raving.  First I’m going to rant. I had to attend an orientation for an organization I joined. Well okay, they called it an orientation, it was anything but that. I mean correct me if I’m wrong […]

It’s Been A Day

We had quite a day. We went and tested out new mattresses as our current one is awful. We found one that we both can agree on. The husband likes sleeping on a board I’m a sleeping on a cloud type of person. We also now have a custom sized mattress. King width with Cali […]

Oh Crud

Today I was scheduled to attend an orientation for a new endeavor I’m starting out on. When I was called by the company to schedule the orientation I was told a time. I promptly put it in my calendar and texted my friend who would also be taking the orientation. She got the call and […]

A Little Rant Because I Can

Drivers here can’t handle percipitation. I mean if anything falls from the sky apparently every person here suddenly forgets how to drive. It doesn’t matter if it’s rain, sleet, hail, or snow the drivers here freak the flip out. It’s not that bad people just keep driving.  The traffic lights here are ridiculous. Why? Well […]

A Little Hard

It’s a little hard to be in a complete Christmas spirit mood when you’re living this:    And, tomorrow is supposed to be 80. I think I’ll be taking my sand chair, my book, and camera to the beach for Christmas Eve.  I really am not missing the cold, and by cold I mean bitter […]

Stop And Take A Deep Breath

With the mass shooting in California once again the great gun debate is upon us. I usually try to stay away from these hot button topics on my blog because it’s just a fun place for me to discuss whatever the heck I want. However, over the last few days I’ve had enough. Here’s the […]

Bullet Points

IKEA normally I love you but today I don’t. 2 IKEA’s and nothing to show for it. Apparently everything I like everyone else does as well. All out of stock.  When in IKEA go with the flow people. No swimming upstream.  I mean really there are arrows on the floor directing you.  When walking through […]

Some People

Okay we are going to have bullet points today folks. I’ve got a rant to go on.  Walmart I HATE YOU!!! Okay people it’s an express lane 20 items or less. Okay you have 30 no big deal. However, when you have an overflowing cart it is not okay. And, I don’t care that no […]