My Silly Dogs

Last night the husband and I had grilled blackened salmon for dinner. And, it was delicious in case you were wondering. 

Anyway, whenever we have salmon the dogs get a treat of the skin from the salmon as it’s not something we eat. 

So, last night I fed the dogs at the same time that we were sitting down for dinner so that they would leave us alone. Ha! Well joke was on me. 

Bonnie of course whenever there is any type of food around wolfs it down as if she’s never been fed. Yesterday in fact she got herself in trouble for snatching food off the table. I don’t know what she was thinking when she pulled that nonsense but she got herself a bit of timeout. Anyway she ate her meal in about 2.2 seconds and then laid down under the table waiting for any scraps we may be giving her. 

Heidi on the other hand was like I know you have good stuff up there that you are going to eventually share with me so I’m not going to eat my food I’m just going to lay here and watch you until you hand it over. And, that she did.

Once we were done with dinner the husband split up the salmon scraps between the two dogs. And, little Ms Heidi then went to town on her salmon and dinner. Bonnie ate her scraps and then once Heidi was finished with her food went over and licked Heidi’s bowl. Which is an every night occasion no matter what they are fed. 

Ahhhhh these dogs of mine. Can we say spoiled rotten. 

Anyone else have spoiled pets?


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