Today’s Adventure In The Kitchen

In the last 2 Bountiful Baskets we’ve gotten persimmons, and well even after the dog snatching a few, we still had several left. Unsure of even how one is supposed to eat a persimmon, yet what I could make with them, I headed on over to Pinterest, and promptly found a recipe. I actually found […]

Bountiful Basket You Did It Again

I promise that every Saturday will not e about the Bountiful Basket, although it seems like it of late. I was going to post about something completely unrelated to food altogether, but then I got the basket. And, well this week I need help. First here’s a look at the fruit portion of the basket. […]

It’s What’s For Dinner

Tonight I decided to try a rather quick recipe that a friend had shared on Facebook the other day.  And, I must say it was rather tasty.  You can check out the recipe here.  It was a great meal and there are plenty of leftovers. I added some zucchini and yellow squash that I sautéed […]

A Little Yoga, A Bountiful Basket, And Scarecrows

September is National Yoga Month, and in celebration of that one of the Yoga Studios here in town is doing free classes on Saturday mornings. I decided what better time to try yoga out then with a free class. I mean the price can’t be beat. I showed up this morning not expecting many people […]