Expanding My Food Horizons

Last night the husband and I went out for dinner. We tried a Mediterranean restaurant last night. 

They had everything on the menu marked that was gluten free and anything on the menu that could be made gluten free. Yayyyyy!!!! Love that. 

We ordered a Mezze Platter that had 2 types of hummus, babaganush, falafel, grape leaves, and tabuleh salad, that the husband ate as I can’t have it and he loves it. The platter was for one but there was no way that I could of eaten that and then eaten a meal after. Glad we went with the platter for one. And, the best part they had gluten free pita!!!!

For dinner the husband had a beef schwarma platter and I had a chicken kabob platter. My platter included chicken kabobs, basmati rice that was seasoned to perfection, and grilled veggies. It was delicious. The husband loved his meal as well. 

There is another Mediterranean restaurant in the same plaza that we are going to try out and see which one we like best. 

I will say that Baladi Mediterranean Cafe is pretty tasty and gluten free friendly. 2 important things in my book. 

Happy Friday everyone. 


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