Pool Time

I know what you’re thinking with a title like this, but I live in Wyoming people, and it’s the end of October. There is no pool for this girl, for many, many months to come. I’m talking about a completely different type of pool. It comes in the form of a table, or perhaps, I should use the other name it’s known for, billards.

Our house here in Wyoming came complete with a gorgeous pool table in our rec room. The table is from the ’60’s or early 70’s maybe, and well its in great shape. Now, let me tell you about my billards ability.  Yeah, I have none. I basically try a shot, and hope for the best. I don’t care if it’s my ball or my opponents, I’m ecstatic if I sink a ball. I still have fun, pool shark I am not. Although, I guess I could be if I went down and used the table for a little while every day. I just haven’t done that in the year and a half that we have lived here in this house.

Last night the husband and I played a bunch of games, and had a lot of fun.  I’m thinking I’ll be using that pool table a bit more. I don’t need him home to play, and besides I can use all the practice I can get.

But, I am happy to report I won a game last night, and not by default.  I got my balls in and then sunk the 8 ball. Yeah, that’s right I won fair and square. I of course promptly lost all of the following games, but hey I won one.

Our pool table came with a cue rack

Storage rack

Storage rack

I think part of the reason the table is in such amazing shape is that it’s covered unless being used.

Pool table

Pool table

And, now feast your eyes on our pool table.

The table

The table

The husband, and I haven’t quite agreed on if the pool table will be making any future moves with us. I say YES, do you know what one costs, and well we have one, why get rid of it. The husband is of course of the mindset that if someone wants it with the house he’d let it go. My reply is of course how much do you like the pool table.

Besides, I think I am going to become a pool shark/hustler. I mean why not.




2 thoughts on “Pool Time

  1. Speaking from experience, pool tables are great when they’re already in the house but they are an absolute pain in the arse to move. They’re so heavy, they come apart in a bunch of super heavy pieces plus you have to be really careful about not breaking the slate into pieces. Our became a glorified laundry sorting table. I vote “leave it.” That is, unless you become a pool shark on the professional circuit and you’re flying to Vegas or Atlantic City every weekend for tournaments. Then you can just have your entourage move it for you.

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