Expanding My Food Horizons

Last night the husband and I went out for dinner. We tried a Mediterranean restaurant last night.  They had everything on the menu marked that was gluten free and anything on the menu that could be made gluten free. Yayyyyy!!!! Love that.  We ordered a Mezze Platter that had 2 types of hummus, babaganush, falafel, […]

Dinner Party

Last night the husband and I headed over to one of my friends house that I met through Junior League for dinner.  Her boyfriend has a magazine that reviews food and places to eat in Hampton Roads, so I guess it’s safe to say he’s a bit of a foodie.  You can check out his […]

A Little Of This A Little Of That

A few days ago I had talked about how the husband was removing glass panes from our French door to put in a doogie door so that the dogs could get from the house to the sunroom to the backyard without leaving the French doors open.  Well, he completed the door the same day construction […]

Fun Times With The Munchkin

Today, I got to spend the day with one of my favorite little munchkins. Whenever, we spend the day together we do some sort of fun activity. Today, the weather once again wasn’t so wonderful. It’s overcast and misting with calls for potential thunderstorms. So, the zoo was out. And, let me tell you I’ve […]

You’ve Got To Try This

Sunday night the husband had steak for dinner, I don’t eat steak so I decided to go with seafood for myself.  I decided to go with shrimp. So it was a surf and turf kind of dinner at our house with the husband eating the turf and myself eating the surf.  So, I wasn’t a […]

Life Happens

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve blogged and well life has gotten in the way, however, I’ve realized that I really enjoy my daily blogging. Yes, some days it’s nothing more than a photo or a meme, and other days it could be a 10,000 word rambling diatribe of nonsense, but it’s an outlet. A […]

Hard Not To Smile

  Today I attended the circus!!!! And, if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen a few of these photos, and if you don’t you can @checkmystyle26  It was a lot of fun and I loved every second of it. It’s hard not to smile and feel like a kid.                            […]

Ranting & Raving

Well today the blog is going to be true to its name. I’ll be doing a little ranting and raving.  First I’m going to rant. I had to attend an orientation for an organization I joined. Well okay, they called it an orientation, it was anything but that. I mean correct me if I’m wrong […]

Gettin’ Springy With It

Since winter has pretty much said yeah I’m going to skip this year here in my neck of the woods, and well I’m really not too upset by this little development, well except for the continuous dog hair issue, but anyway I decided to go with a little bit on the springy side for my […]