Just Call Me Doctor

The other day I picked up a box of the Safeway brand gluten-free Deluxe Mac and Cheese. Think shells and cheese. I rarely buy boxed Mac and cheese because well homemade is so much better. However, it was on sale and I had a coupon for $1 off. I thought why not. I’ll give it a whirl the worst that is going to happen is I don’t like it. And, well sometimes it’s nice to have quick meals on hand.
I whipped it up, but as the pasta was cooking I thought I’d make it semi-homemade, and add a little nutritional value to it. I have a ton of frozen broccoli in the freezer, I love broccoli, the husband on the other hand won’t touch it. So I steamed a bag of the broccoli, and tossed it in with the pasta and cheese. The cheese of course is probably anything but, but hey it is what it is.
After mixing the macaroni, broccoli, and cheese together I put them in some 16oz CorningWare dishes and added a little gluten-free bread crumbs to the top. The gluten-free bread crumbs that I recently came across are amazing. They are Alexia brand, and it’s actual bread crumbs. Most of the time when I find gluten-free bread crumbs, all it is corn meal and well that is nowhere near the same as bread crumbs. These bread crumbs have seasoning in them. I’d compare it to your Italian Seasoned Bread Crumbs you buy at any grocery store. Anyway, I’m in love with them and will be buying them again. After getting the dishes ready I placed them in the oven to let them bake and to brown the bread crumbs.
I must say, although, it wasn’t nearly as good as the completely homemade stuff it was pretty darn tasty. I’ll be making this again, being that when I bought this last box of Mac and cheese I received another $1 off coupon. It’s not something I’d make for company, but for just me it gets the job done and it’s pretty quick. I think the entire thing took 15 minutes, which when making baked Mac and cheese from scratch takes a little while longer.
I guess that cooking show on Food Network has it right, semi-homemade isn’t so bad.



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