For the next 7 weeks I’ll be spending 3 nights a week outside the house. Getting home well after 10 each night.  This actually started last week and we’ll it’s already killing me.  In 3 weeks I’ll be down to only 2 nights out a week but that just means kickball ends and well that’s […]

Another Rainy Day

So it’s been another rainy day here in VA.  We started the morning off by hitting up our local farmer’s market, which has become our Saturday morning routine. With the weather that was happening they moved under cover of the strip mall that they usually hold the market in parking lot. It wasn’t nearly as […]

Epic Kickball Night

Our kickball game tonight was a nail biter. There were lots of factor at play tonight. We had some key players missing, along with last minute emergencies that took away a few more players, and the wind was rough. If you haven’t held a kickball lately well they aren’t very dense and so with the […]