I’m sitting at home just finished up doing my nails, while watching Grays Anatomy and get a phone call from a local number, so I answered it.  It was from a woman saying she has a paper with my name, email, phone, address, and social security number on it. She was calling to tell me […]

Ranting & Raving

Well today the blog is going to be true to its name. I’ll be doing a little ranting and raving.  First I’m going to rant. I had to attend an orientation for an organization I joined. Well okay, they called it an orientation, it was anything but that. I mean correct me if I’m wrong […]

Good Way 2 Spend A Sunday

It’s a pretty nice day here in my neck of the woods. Sunny, and fairly warm temps.  I set out on our back deck, threw the ball, well ball, stick, bone, and whatever else they brought me to throw, had my iPad with Suits ready to binge watch the latest episodes, and enjoyed a nice […]

Did You Know?

Last night as I was watching the local news, which I do on occasion, I learned something I didn’t know.  Apparently there are 2 official springs. There is the calendar spring which will happen in a couple of weeks, and there is the meteorological spring. I didn’t know this. According to meteorologists spring starts March […]

You’re Driving Me Nuts

Anyone want 2 lab mix dogs? I may be willing to hand mibe over to you. No, not really I’m keeping them. But, man are they driving me crazy today.  The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days and with this you’d think they’d burn off some energy. Nope! Wrong! This nice weather […]