Epic Kickball Night

Our kickball game tonight was a nail biter. There were lots of factor at play tonight. We had some key players missing, along with last minute emergencies that took away a few more players, and the wind was rough. If you haven’t held a kickball lately well they aren’t very dense and so with the wind the dang thing wasn’t going where you wanted it too. 

Warming up before our game. You can see the trees and from our hair that the wind was a blowing. 

We played against the FootClan. We had beat them earlier this season, and we were hoping for the same outcome. 

We came through the first inning with 2 runs, unfortunately they answered our runs with 2 of their own. 

The second inning neither team was able to put anything on the board. 

The third inning was a rough one. The FootClan was able to score 4 runs. We had some fielding issues and did what we could to get out of the inning. 

The fourth inning we were able to drive in 2 more runs and hold them. 

We went into the final inning with the bottom of the lineup up to bat and needing to score 2 runs. We were able to get some batters on base, yours truly got on base on balls, hey I’ll take it. We had a good kick that fell into a hole and was able to put us in scoring position. This was followed up by a well placed kick that drove in the tiring run, me, and the leading run. 

We then went out in the field made a quick change of adding a double charger and moving me to catcher. Say what!!!! It’s okay the Chargers did their job and got the 3 outs. 

So yeah All About That Base had an amazing come from behind win!!!!!

And, after the game it was off to the Brass Bell for some food, celebratory drinks, and some laughs. 

This has been a lot of fun and I can’t believe that the season is nearly over already. I’ve met some fun amazing people that I’d have never met otherwise. 

Love My All About The Base teammates. 


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