Here She Blows

So, there is a possibility that maybe Hurricane Joaquin may or may not hit us this weekend. 

Right now there is a whole lot of uncertainty of where it’s going to go.  

I mean that’s quite a few different paths and they vary greatly. 

And, well when natural disasters are on the horizon it’s always good to have some humor to go along with it. 

It’s going to get real hairy here Sunday night into Monday morning possibly. 

And, yeah this is pretty much what I feel like the map looks like everytime they talk about the Hurricane. 

Anyway, we did our stocking up. The husband and I went and bought several cases of water because if the storm hits or not we can always use water. 

We also have a well not that you’d drink that water but it can be used to flush toilets and what not. The husband will be working to get that set up tomorrow. 

We have our stockpile of batteries for our flashlights and well I have tons of candles as well. 

The generator is also ready to go. We are watching the storm track and will make the decision in a day or 2 as to filling up gas cans or skipping it if it’s going to miss us. Either way we’ve done what we need to be as prepared as we can be and now it’s just a wait and see what this storm decides to do. 


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