Double Header Fun

Tonight was a kickball double header. Our captain had an emergency come up so we were without her, and we missed her. 

Shellee and I hammered out the lineup and then finally got the official lineup from Mags and well we weren’t far off at all. We had to make some last minute changes as we had some players show up that we weren’t sure we’re going to make it. 

We had to adjust our kicking lineup as well as we had players that were held up with traffic, but it all worked out. 

Our first game was a close one but we were able to pull out a win. 

The second game was against the first place team and well I’m happy to report we   won!!!! 

We had a pretty close matched game with the first inning seeing both teams putting a run on the board.

The next couple of innings saw great defensive play by both teams and nothing from the offense. 

We worked their lineup moving players on the field playing with double chargers when needed and playing deep when the big kickers were up. We intentionally walked a player every time but it paid off as we were able to keep him from driving in any runs.  Sorry Casey but its strategy. 

And, now it’s fun times celebrating our 2 wins!!!! 

Oh and the Commisioner even bought all the teams 2 pitchers of beers!!!! 3 Cheers for Talbert!!!



And Beer Pong tonight as well!!!!

Another great night of kickball and fun times!!!!


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