For the next 7 weeks I’ll be spending 3 nights a week outside the house. Getting home well after 10 each night. 
This actually started last week and we’ll it’s already killing me. 
In 3 weeks I’ll be down to only 2 nights out a week but that just means kickball ends and well that’s disappointing. 
Anyway, tonight is one of those nights where I’m sitting in class until 10:30 and then the 20 minute drive home. Ughhhhh. 
I will be happy when this is over because 4.5 hours of class is killing me. There was a reason I avoided night classes in college. I mean I even hated Tuesday Thursday classes which were only an hour and 15 minutes long. I really don’t have the attention span for this. 
It’ll be worth it in the end at least that’s what I keep telling myself. 
Only 2 hours and 15 minutes left. 


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