Vacation Is Over…How’d That Happen?

NY trip is over. I’m currently waiting at the airport waiting for my flight 😦
However, I will say I’m impressed with LGA’s new Terminal D. I no longer feel like I’m in a Third World nation. They recently redid it and I must say it’s a whole lot nicer then it used to be. iPads free to use, charging stations everywhere and pretty nice places to grab a bite to eat. Uhmmmm win all around. I still don’t like flying in or out of LGA but at least the waiting for my plane isn’t as bad a it once was.
It was a great visit home I had a lot of fun. Time spent with my favorite people lots of laughs and memories made.
Now, it’s time to go back to Wyoming finish packing up the house and get ready for the move. Lots to do once I get home. But, staying busy is a good thing it’ll make the little time left go faster.
Sorry my vacation is over but I know I’ll be back soon.


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