Let’s Talk More Crazy At The Rodeo

Yesterday, I talked about these bull riders and wow, how do you wake up wanting to be that. But, now let’s talk about the Rodeo Clown. Again, are you crazy. Because, at least when you’re riding on the bull your on it’s back, but these guys are just standing in front of the thing. Not only that but they throw themselves in front of the mean as hell bull. Hello, big wild animal that we’ve pissed off by binding up the twig and berries and then pulling on the dang things, and having someone sit on their back. They’ve gotten rid of that pain in their butt and now you are taunting the thing. What! Again where were your mothers.
Ahhhhh, the craziness of the rodeo. Although, they are quite entertaining. I however, can assure you that I am definitely a Yankee, because I can not see what would make someone choose this as their profession or even their hobby. So I am standing by my proclamation yesterday my child will not be a rodeo participant, well okay they can do team roping or something along those lines but riding bulls, broncs, and being the clowns are out.


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