Photo Explosion From The Black Hills

Cathedral Spires in Custer State Park.  The rock formations are pretty phenomenal.  I love looking at the different shapes and ways that the rocks have formed in the area.



Driving along Iron Mountain in Custer State Park there are 2 tunnels in which you can see  Mt Rushmore through.  Pretty cool and very good thinking on the parks part.

When driving through the second tunnel there is a tunnel of trees to look through towards Mt Rushmore.  It is pretty amazing.  I wish I had brought my longer lenses with me, because the pictures would be truly spectacular.

Crazy Horse Memorial, I could not believe how truly massive this will be once it’s completed.  Right now just the face and the start of the arm is done.

But, here is a model of what the completed memorial will look like upon completion.

Mt Rushmore was a lot of fun to visit.  On our way into the park we stopped at a parking area, and got the profile view of George Washington.  Absolutely amazing what people are capable of creating.

After heading into the park we walked along the flags, and got a glimpse of the monument.

We, also walked along the Presidential Path, which provided great views of each of the 4 Presidents on the monument along with lots of information about each of the Presidents.  Hey, what can I say I’m a bit of history nerd.  I loved it.  Well I loved the facts and quotes and little tidbits that were given about the Presidents.  I however, did not care too much about the amount of stairs that were done that day.

On our way home, back to Wyoming we stopped off at Devil’s Tower.  Again, super cool and interesting to learn how this came to form.  We hiked along the base of the Tower, which was cool.  As you hike along the base you experience 3 completely different habitats, and also see that every side of the Tower is different.  We also spotted some climbers.

This was the view off the land below where the tower sits.

And, well this picture just came out really cool.  It looks like it’s a volcano in the middle of erupting with the clouds the way they are.


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