Fun Times With The Munchkin

Today, I got to spend the day with one of my favorite little munchkins. Whenever, we spend the day together we do some sort of fun activity. Today, the weather once again wasn’t so wonderful. It’s overcast and misting with calls for potential thunderstorms. So, the zoo was out. And, let me tell you I’ve been jonesing to go to the zoo as there are some baby animals that were recently born that I’d love to see. 

However, rain and zoo visits don’t really mix well, so we went to Green Bean. Green Bean is this great little place that’s a little like Little Gym. The place is for children 6 and under has all sorts of wooden climbers for the kids to climb and slide on. They also have a music room where the kids can play with musical instruments to there hearts content. There is a stage with dress up clothes galore. A kitchen/home area, and another area with cars and trucks. They also have a desperate room that is for sensory play. Today’s sensory play was water beads. 

When we got there the munchkin was a little unsure of what to make of the place, but quickly started to play, climb, and make some new friends. The place was crazy. There were tons of kids there today, and they were all having a great time. The little munchkin played hard for 2 hours, and then we headed out to grab some lunch and a nap. 

Lunch was a hit as I knew the munchkin was going to crash hard and fast we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch as it was only 2 minutes away. Chicken nuggets and fries are always a hit. The munchkin chewed down and drank a ton as you work up an appetite and thirst playing. The car ride home found the munchkin sound asleep of course when we came into the house the dogs wanted to say hello and so well we are still trying for that nap as we only had about a 7 minute nap. There is no sleeping going on but there is some cuddling on the couch and movie watching going on. I’m holding out hope for spontaneous sleep to happen. 

They also do some really fun theme parties like glow parties, New Year’s Eve, bubble, and whatever else they come up with. It’s a great place and the cost really can’t be beat. $8 for the day. Not, that we are spending 6 hours there I mean we will get hungry and need a nap. Heck even an hour spent there is worth the $8 the kids have so much fun. 

The other thing I have to say about Green Bean is that the staff is amazing. They are continuously putting the toys back in their respective areas, engaging with the kids, and cleaning. You’d think with so many kids running around that the place would be a bit dirty, but it isn’t at all. The staff is on top of keeping the place clean and presentable. 

This is such a great place and great for young children and their development. Definitely a place I recommend to anyone with young children in the Hampton Roads area. 

Green Bean was a success!!!! Now, if the weather would cooperate maybe I’ll get to go to the zoo and see the baby animals. 


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