A Little Of This A Little Of That

A few days ago I had talked about how the husband was removing glass panes from our French door to put in a doogie door so that the dogs could get from the house to the sunroom to the backyard without leaving the French doors open. 

Well, he completed the door the same day construction started and I want to say it was a success!!!

No glass was broken, the dog door has been installed and is reinforced because well my dogs like to tear through the door like a bat out of he77. They are lunatics my dogs they are. 

So, now we finally have a home after 5 years of multiple houses and no way to put a simple dog door in we now have it all set up. Whooooo!  Small victories. The dogs love being able to go in and out on their own and we love it as well. I can’t tell you how many times a day we’d let them in and out of the house. 

So, thumbs up to my handy dandy husband who saved us hundreds of dollars on a custom built door, by custom building his own. It’s really a good thing to have a handy husband. And, lucky for me mine is super handy on lots of areas. Home repairs ✔️ auto repairs✔️ being able to make my ideas work✔️ cleaning up after himself – well okay 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad. We will continue to train for that last one. 

Here’s to a speedy Thursday and an even speedier Friday so we can get to an amazing weekend. 


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