Fun Times With The Munchkin

Today, I got to spend the day with one of my favorite little munchkins. Whenever, we spend the day together we do some sort of fun activity. Today, the weather once again wasn’t so wonderful. It’s overcast and misting with calls for potential thunderstorms. So, the zoo was out. And, let me tell you I’ve […]

A Teddy Bear and Jello Swimming

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope that you have been able to spend the day with the ones you love.  Unfortunately, for the husband and I we will not be spending our first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife together, he is on the road, Texas to be exact.  We did have a nice phone conversation, and […]

I May Be 8 Months, But I Can Still Sign

I need to tell you a little about my day.  It had an amazing moment in it.  And, I’m going to tell you all about it right now.  Today during our afternoon snack we had a cereal trail mix type deal with juice.  It seems to be a favorite among the children.  We had combined […]