Sinks Canyon

Yesterday, the husband got called in to work the dayshift. So, that left me by myself in a small town. I decided to head off and explore Sinks Canyon.  Sinks Canyon is pretty cool and unique, the river flows into a “sink” and travels underground for about half a mile where it comes out again […]

Hmmmm Wonder Where That Pot Of Gold Is?

On the 5 hour ride home from the airport earlier this week I saw the biggest rainbows I’ve ever seen.  Along with them being the biggest I’ve ever seen they lasted the longest I’ve ever seen. Check them out: Days like this I wish I had my camera in the car, but the cellphone camera […]

Natural Bridge

Today the husband and I ventured out on little exploration trip of Wyoming.  We choose to go check out a Natural Bridge.  It was beautiful, and not nearly the hiking that I thought we would have to take part in, as in basically no hiking needed.  The only “hiking,” and I use the term loosely […]

A Nice Saturday With The Husband

The husband got home late last night on the last flight into town. The husband slept in this morning, so while he was sleeping I did a little Nail Caviar Mani. After getting some much needed sleep for him we headed off to his favorite place on Earth, or at least in the top 10 […]

A Weekend Recap Through Photos

I am home from my Nebraska adventure.  And, I will say nice weather is currently here.  I rode all the way and home from Nebraska with the sunroof and windows open.  Guess what I have the color on my skin to prove it.  Ahhhh I love the sunshiny days. But, lets talk about Nebraska shall […]