Dog Walking Injury & First BBQ Of The Year

We once again took advantage of the weather here in Wyoming and took the dogs out for a walk. We actually did a rather long walk for them. It ended up being a little over 2 miles when all was said and done. We went a different route than we have done the last few […]

First One Of The Year

It was another beautiful day here in Wyoming, I’m not getting used to this, because I know it’s only a matter of time till the weather turns to sh*t again. Anyway, the day was near 60, sunny, and there was no wind, a rarity here. So, with the nice weather I went on down to […]

Just Another Sunday

It was a beautiful day here in my part of Wyoming.  Nice weather with warm temperatures and sunny  skies. We took advantage of the nice day and walked around downtown after having lunch, and then took our 2 crazy, energetic dogs to the park. Of course being that it was such a nice day, everyone was […]

Ahhhhh Smell That Fresh Air

It was a beautiful day here in Wyoming, with temperatures in the 60’s.  So, now I’m just waiting for Mother Nature to strike with a vengeance.  Because, well this is Wyoming after all, and Mother Nature can be a b*tch.  I left work, met with the chiropractor, picked up the dogs, and drove home.  I […]

Sunny Day, and Heidi Was At Daycare = Great Day

Today was a beautiful day here in Wyoming, temps were in the mid 50’s and the sun was shining.  I can almost feel Spring coming, of course I’m also realistic and know that I can’t expect it till at least May, I mean I do live in Wyoming after all.  Anyway, it was a nice […]