Sinks Canyon

Yesterday, the husband got called in to work the dayshift. So, that left me by myself in a small town. I decided to head off and explore Sinks Canyon.  Sinks Canyon is pretty cool and unique, the river flows into a “sink” and travels underground for about half a mile where it comes out again […]

A Little Rain

So it’s raining here again. Complete with thunder and lightening. And, well I love it. I love Thunderstorms. Although, I’m shocked this is the third or possibly more storm we’ve had this week. They always usually happen between 6&8. What’s crazy is I can’t remember there being anywhere near this many storms last year. With […]

Natural Bridge

Today the husband and I ventured out on little exploration trip of Wyoming.  We choose to go check out a Natural Bridge.  It was beautiful, and not nearly the hiking that I thought we would have to take part in, as in basically no hiking needed.  The only “hiking,” and I use the term loosely […]

Mother Nature, Please Be Nice Spring Is Supposed To Come Play

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and well the weather here in Wyoming is being quite fickle.  Last week I was wearing capris, short sleeve shirts, and cute shoes, this week not so much.  This morning I woke up to snow and ice.  Might I just say YUCK.  Of course it was gone by […]