Fun Sunday Night

Last night the husband and I headed out to Wasserhund Brewery for a friend’s release party he was having for his magazine. Southern Grit Magazine is all about food in the Hampton Roads area. It’s really pretty awesome.  And, I’m not just saying that because I know the guy who writes it. I have a […]

Ready For The Warm Weather

The past 2 days we had temperatures in the 70’s. Today it was sunny with temps in the mid 50’s. Everywhere you go in the neighborhood you smell BBQ. I wake to the sounds of birds chirping, LOUDLY, I might add.  With all of the warmer temperatures and sunny skies I’m getting excited for concert […]

Get Ready Wyoming Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds Are Rolling Into Town

I’m super pumped, excited, amped up, and a million other adjectives for tomorrow night. Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds are rolling into town for a concert. Who are these Dirty Birds you may ask. Well, just one if the coolest bands out there. They have a jazz, blues, rock, funk, horn section type sound. […]

An Awesome Day Was Had Here!

So, today was quite something.  I learned something exciting, tried a new product, and even saw some professional athletes.  Yeah, that’s right!  Crazy exciting day here.  And, hey it’s Friday! So we will start with the professional athletes first.  I ran into Walmart to pick up a few essentials and there were all of these […]

Dueling Pianos Part Deux

Dueling Pianos strikes again in Wyoming. And, of course cell service is not so great in this bar. So, no pictures for you. Maybe, tomorrow. Rhonda and I are going to rock out to the Dueling Pianos that’s for sure. Oh, and they have a KEYTAR so I think we are in for good show.

What A Night

So yesterday I posted a little snapshot giving a hint of what we did. Well I have to say I had a blast here in Wyoming. I know what you are thinking fun on Wyoming. Wait a minute I thought that fun didn’t exist in Wyoming. Yeah, well yesterday was fun. Now, don’t start worrying […]