Weekend Is Here

Ahhhhh Friday!!!!  I’ve got a somewhat busy weekend planned. The husband will be off doing Navy stuff and I’ve got a couple of obligations to take part in on Saturday.  First things first I have a Civic League Board Meeting, my first one as president. Not sure how I ended up with this job but […]

Your Status Update Needs Its Own Twitter Feed

Nearly every day I break out in a little smile when reading a friend’s Facebook status.  Some of his status posts are observations that are rather funny, insights that are hilarious, and other times nonsense. No matter what the content they always make me laugh.  I feel these Facebook status’ need their own Twitter feed. […]

The Holy Grail Has Been Found!!!

Seriously, who knew finding a file cabinet would be this difficult. I think we went to almost every office store in the area.  Today, the husband finally found it. Whoooo!!!! So now, the office is up and running. We have everything we need now and almost everything is put back in, and new homes have […]

Feels Good

I’m a member of the Junior League here in my little corner of the world. Well actually I’m a Provisional as in its my first year and I’m learning all about the league.  Every year the Provisional class has an American Red Cross Blood Drive. Today was our blood drive and we did awesome. We […]

Laugh Till You Cry

Tonight I met up with some friends for drinks and food at the local sports bar/pizza joint.  Shellee, Cory, and I headed over and met up with Lauren, who Shellee and I met through our real estate class, and her boyfriend.  Every time we hang out with Lauren we end up laughing till we have […]

And, We Now Return

Okay, I’ve been MIA for a while. Life has been crazy, but I think Life is pretty back to normal with a normal schedule for the most part. I mean the holidays are rapidly approaching, but that’s a normal occurrence every year. So, yeah life is somewhat back to normal.  So here’s a little update […]

I Told You It Was Busy

Sorry, I’ve been MIA the last several days, but I warned that it was going to be a busy weekend and well the week has taken on a busy tone as well with lots of unexpected things popping up.  A little recap of the weekend: Saturday found me volunteering with the Junior League. I worked […]

Busy Weekend Ahead

It’s shaping up to be a busy, eventful weekend.  Tomorrow I have a Junior League event where I’ll be working 6 hours to help with registration, set up, clean up, and after party fun.  We are doing a Scavenger Haunt. It’s a scavenger hunt through part of town, where you also are encouraged to dress […]